Violeta Isfel’s husband, he is Raúl Bernal, a support in her artistic career

Violeta Isfel is one of the most popular Mexican actresses. She has participated in successful soap operas such as “Dare to Dream” and “A Lucky Family,” and her charisma and talent have earned her a large number of followers.

In 2022, Violeta Isfel married Raúl Bernal, a Mexican businessman dedicated to the production of children’s products and children’s games.

Bernal is a fundamental pillar in the actress’s life, and supports her unconditionally in her career.

Isfel and Bernal got married civilly on November 29, 2022 in a private ceremony in Mexico City. The couple celebrated their religious wedding on January 28, 2023 in an intimate ceremony in Acapulco, Guerrero.

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How do you support Violeta Isfel’s career?

Bernal is a great support for Isfel’s career. He helps her manage her schedule and her projects, and is always there to encourage and support her.

Bernal is also a big fan of the actress. He is always there to see her perform, and he is her biggest fan.

Violeta and her husband.

Isfel and Bernal met in 2019 through mutual friends. The couple began dating soon after, and quickly fell in love.

Raúl Bernal is a loving husband and a great support for Violeta Isfel’s career. The couple is very happy and is committed to being together forever.

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