Virginia Mother Arrested for Raping 15-Year-Old Twins After Police Found Missing Boy in Their Room

A 37-year-old Virginia mother was charged with indecency this week after police caught her naked with a missing 15-year-old boy, whose twin brother she is also accused of abusing.

Ashleigh Watts was initially caught when police arrived at her home in Chesapeake, Virginia, in July looking for the teen and she asked them to wait outside while she put on a bra and let her dogs out.

“Officers reported several minutes later that Watts returned to the gate with her two dogs still at the residence, allowing them entry,” court records obtained by Law & Crime state.

“When officers removed the mattress in an upstairs room, they could see a young white man hiding in a small space wearing only boxer shorts.

“When the officers asked him if he was [the runaway boy]He reported yes and presented his learner’s permit.”

At the time, Watts was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, but her offenses have since been updated to include three counts of indecency with a minor for the unhealthy relationships she is accused of harboring with teenagers.

Ashleigh Watts was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing twin brothers who lived across the street from her and her family. Chesapeake Police

The twins lived across the street and were friends with Watts’ son, who was about the same age, according to court documents.

Watts allegedly began taking advantage of the brothers more than a year before she was caught.

Police began investigating the mother of two when an anonymous informant reported an alleged sexual relationship with the children in February.

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That same month, Watts’ husband would return home around 2 a.m. to find his wife topless on the couch next to one of the teens, who was “pretending to be asleep,” he would later admit to investigators.

Ashleigh Watts and her husband.Watts’ husband reportedly found Watts topless on the couch at their home with one of the teens. Ashleigh Watts / Facebook

When questioned by his parents, the boy allegedly said that he had gone to the Watts house to smoke marijuana and fell asleep on the couch.

The two families were “very close” and had an open door policy between their homes.

The boys’ parents told officers the siblings were often at the Watts home because they assumed it was to spend time with their son.

Behind closed doors, however, Watts was allegedly sexually and emotionally manipulating the teens, with one of the boys confiding in the sick abuse to another neighbor.

Watts and his family.The children were at the Watts home frequently and were about the same age as Watts’ son. Ashleigh Watts / Facebook

“[The neighbor] He said that [redacted] He confided in her that he had been having a sexual relationship with Ms. Watts since June 2022,” police wrote in a probable cause affidavit.

“[Redacted] He told him that he and Mrs. Watts were in love and that when he was seventeen (17) years old, she was going to divorce her husband and they were going to get married”.

Authorities said that after the alleged 13-month relationship was exposed, the teen ran away from home and was found hiding in Watts’ bedroom three weeks later on July 26, WAVY reported.

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ashley wattsWatts asked police to wait outside while she put on a bra before finding one of the children hiding in her home. Ashleigh Watts / Facebook
Watts and her husband.Watts was charged last week with three counts of indecency with a minor. Ashleigh Watts/Facebook

His brother confessed to investigators that Watts would invite him to smoke marijuana and give him pairs of his underwear.

He also claimed that she was touching him inappropriately, despite his pleas for her to stop.

The teens’ parents and Watts’ husband filed protection orders against her.

Documents filed by her abandoned spouse describe large amounts of cash, marijuana and a prepaid cell phone that were reportedly found after her arrest.

Watts faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

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