Watch: Maryland police try to arrest paralyzed man in viral video

A recent viral video reportedly shows Maryland police attempting to detain a paralyzed man while ignoring pleas about disability. You must read the article to get more details and information about the same. Follow us for all the latest ideas and updates.

Maryland police try to arrest paralyzed man on video

Here’s why the viral video took its toll on Maryland police when an officer tried to arrest a paralyzed man. A viral video reportedly shows Maryland police requesting to arrest a paralyzed man. However, the incident began when police mistook the person for a different suspect and approached his car. Furthermore, the person’s partner recorded the incident on her mobile phone and in that video she and her husband can also be heard pleading with the police to believe in her husband’s incapacity. Throughout the incident, the person remained calm and docile, even after requesting help to get out of her car. While, on the other hand, the officials seem to ignore his bodily limits.

Maryland police try to arrest paralyzed man on video

It is believed that when they helped him out of the car he fell to the bottom paralyzed. In the incident, his wife told him over and over that he was paralyzed and could not move. Finally, authorities put the man into his car and took his wheelchair out of the trunk. It was confirmed that the entire event took place in about 10 minutes. Here is the series of events that took place, read the following points:

  • The police thought the paralyzed man was a different suspect.
  • The person’s wife recorded the incident on her cell phone.
  • To begin with, the police did not realize that he was already paralyzed.
  • They handcuffed him while he was still in his wheelchair.
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In reality, they did not take enough precautions or adapt their option to the person’s disability. However, a lack of understanding and proper training caused the man to fall to the ground while they were trying to help him out of his car. This is how the police reacted to the person who fell from his car. It was learned that after some confusion and hesitation, the officials detained the person for the second time in his car. On the other hand, the person’s partner lifted the wheelchair from the trunk. The video reportedly captures every incident, from the handcuffs to the wheelchair. On the other hand, this handcuffed or paralyzed person raises considerations about police training and sensitivity toward people with physical disabilities. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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