WATCH: Sakshi Killed By Sahil Video: Delhi Murder CCTV Video Sparks Outrage Online

The gruesome murder of a teenage girl in the Shahabad Dairy area of ​​Delhi shocked the entire capital. The younger girl who was brutally murdered was known as Sakshi. Reportedly, she was killed with a knife and a stone. Furthermore, the sensitive CCTV footage of the incident has also been released. In fact, Sakshi’s video also appeared on the Internet. We give you a warning, the CCTV footage of the incident is very sensitive and disturbing, it can leave you mentally disturbed and stressed. Speaking of the suspect, the boy was identified through the video. Police arrested the suspect from Bulandshahr, UP, where he escaped after the brutal murder of Sakshi. He should read this story in detail as it has captured traction from across the country. Scroll down the page.

Video of Sakshi killed by Sahil

The suspect is identified as Sahil. The victim was reportedly only 16 years old. She was brutally stabbed countless times. Furthermore, Sahil also smashed Sakshi’s head with a stone. Sahil reportedly attacked Sakshi about 40 times with a knife and a stone. The cliché is that the girl was being stabbed in the street and no one had the guts to step in and save the girl. People kept watching the gruesome incident and left the girl to die. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Police detained the boy from Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh. The girl and the boy reportedly had an argument before the incident. Unfortunately, the boy flew into a rage during the argument and started stabbing the girl along the way. The mother of the deceased has given a statement to the police. She seeks justice for her daughter and demands the death penalty for the boy. According to Sakshi’s mother, she was at her friend’s house for the past 10 days and passed the 10th exam this year. She continues reading this article.

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The mother of the deceased assured that she does not know who Sahil is. However, she asked her daughter several times who Sahil is but she did not tell her anything about him. The deceased’s father said his daughter was passionate about becoming a lawyer. Sakshi’s father said that Sahil should be hanged. The murder case has been registered at Shahbad Dairy Police Station. Police reportedly rushed to the scene after someone informed the police through a call. Upon investigation, the police learned that the girl was walking down the street when a boy stopped her and attacked her with a knife. The youngest was the daughter of Janakraj, a resident of E-36 JJ Colony. The police said that Sahil and Sakshi were in a relationship. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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