WATCH: Sikh Store Owner Goes Viral For Beating Armed Robber With Stick In California

A video came out from a store in California. In the video, a Sikh man is beating an armed man. The Sikh man is said to be the owner of the store while the man with the arm is said to be a robber. The video is going viral on the internet and garnering millions of views. As of now, innumerable people have reacted to the viral video of a Sikh store owner beating an armed robber with a stick in California. Since this video surfaced on the internet, netizens are trying to find the full video of the incident but the full video of the incident has not been recovered yet. But we have explained the incident in detail. If you are seeking details of this news, this article will let you know everything that you need to know. Stick with this page and continue reading this article. Swipe down the page for details.

Sikh Store Owner Goes Viral

The viral circulating video on social media shows a thief covering his face with a blue cloth rummaging through the shelves of the store and tossing tobacco products into a large dustbin. The video further shows, the Sikh man comes to intervene and threatens to call the police but the thief whose face is concealed with a cloth wields a knife in his pocket and warns him to back up. Shift to the next section and know further circumstances. Scroll down.

A person standing behind the store owner is recording the incident from a plastic partition, tells the Sikh man not to intervene, “Just let him go. There ain’t nothing you can do. They’re not going to do nothing”. The man also asks the store owner if he has insurance. When the robber with a knife was leaving the store, an employee of the store grabs hold of his arms and the Sikh man starts hitting the armed robber with a stick. Swipe down the page and read more details.

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The Sikh man continues to give the robber at least 20 blows with the stick. The robber can be heard pleading for mercy to the Sikh man. When and where this incident happened, is not clear. The exact location and date of the incident are unclear. It is also currently unknown if police were involved after the beating. But it is being said that this incident is a matter of the 7-Eleven store in California. Stay tuned.

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