Watch: Speed ​​Gets Bitten By Snake While Filming In India

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Speed ​​gets bitten by a snake

Darren “IShowSpeed” visited esports organization Orangutan’s OG Bootcamp in Navi Mumbai during their most recent broadcast in India, where he participated in on-camera interactions with an iguana and a snake. At the venue, he met several Indian YouTubers, with whom he began his show by dancing to various Bollywood tunes alongside producers such as MythPat and Ujjwal Gamer. IShowSpeed ​​was introduced to the iguana and snake in a green room thanks to YouTube couple Slayy Point, who was also there. The former beast did not bother the American streamer at all, and he even let it rest on his shoulders. But when the snake jumped on him and appeared to try to bite the streamer, it caused quite a commotion.

When the snake tried to bite IShowSpeed, he suffered a nervous breakdown, but the Indian YouTubers present in the studio did not seem concerned. The streamer in the video above screams in terror: “I swear to God he bit me! He bit me, so I locked him up. He bit me, for God’s sake. Fans can relax knowing that the snake bite didn’t hurt him because he returned to the studio and continued talking to the reptiles. He then continued playing with MythPat and Ujjwal Gamer. However, the video of him collapsing after the snake incident has become popular on social media.

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The main purpose of Darren’s trip to India was to watch the cricket match between India and Pakistan on October 14, which was part of the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented him from broadcasting from the stadium. However, fans across the country love his IRL stream and some of his streams have become popular on the Internet. During his travels, IShowSpeed ​​even performed with legendary musician Daler Mehndi and live-streamed the entire exchange.

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