WATCH: Video of Texas Dade speaker Phelan shows slurring during house session

A video of Dade Phelan, who is a speaker from Texas, has gone viral on the internet and is making noise everywhere. Netizens have been swarming the internet and searching for the viral video of the Texas speaker. Dade Phelan is reportedly accused of slurring his words during a home session. Sources reported that video of an incident showing him using slurs went viral on social media. Have you seen the video? The video has caused a stir and sparked controversy. People have been asking numerous questions after seeing the controversial video of the Texas speaker. We have come to this article after doing some deep research. No more searching through web articles as we have covered all the highlights of this title. But you have to follow this article till the end. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

Texas Dade Phelan Speaker Video

As mentioned, the video was filmed during a home session. Now the video has surfaced on social media. It is trending on Twitter and Reddit. After seeing the viral video of Dade Phelan, some said that he may have been intoxicated, while others said that Dade Phelan may have suffered from a health problem. “The Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Dade Phelan, last night, is he buying a store or is he just drunk?” During the house session, Dade Phelan seemed relatively calm despite the difficulty and stutter. Meanwhile, a controversy erupted after his speech during a session at the house. Scroll down the page and find out if the speaker from Texas has responded to the controversy or not.

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Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan last night.

Are you having a stroke or just drunk?

— Free Citizen Press (@CitizenFreePres) May 21, 2023

A campaign of anonymous text messages has begun circulating claiming that Dade Phelan was drunk and asking citizens to contact their state representative to request his resignation. #txlege

— Current Revolt (@CurrentRevolt) May 22, 2023

QUIT, embarrassing drunk.

— CC 🌎 (@StopTheBS15) May 21, 2023

“Many of the members are regularly intoxicated. Seeing the Speaker so wasted is absolutely unacceptable.” apology? Doesn’t this violate any statute or is it considered an illegal use of taxpayer funds? Who decides when the “waste” threshold has been exceeded?

—jLK (@TenOrFewer) May 21, 2023

After @DadePhelan sabotaged border security bills, do you think it’s funny to get drunk on alcohol or drugs and then preside over the floor of the Texas House of Representatives?

Dade should resign. What a complete clown.

—Wade Miller (@WadeMiller_USMC) May 21, 2023

@TXGOPCaucus, @DanPatrick, @GregAbbott_TX yes speaker @DadePhelan he suffers from a medical condition, why don’t you help him? Yes he is #drunk like a skunk Why don’t you condemn his behavior?

—Jonathan Schober (@schober4texas) May 21, 2023

Texas President Dade Phelan has not responded to the allegations against him. Dade Phelan is alleged to have been drunk during the session but has not yet been heard from. Dade Phelan was trying during the session to discuss an amendment. Twitter users focused particularly on one section of the speech, where Phelan’s difficulty was particularly pronounced. Scroll down the page.

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Dade Phelan

In the viral video, the Texas president can be heard saying: “Mr. Kuempel, the Senate amended — the amendment is [inaudible] is the objection to the opposing amendment, and the [inaudible] amended, the amendment is adopted. Does the president recognize Mr…. Mr. Johnson from Harris? Mr. Johnson from Harris to speak in opposition to…the bill.” Stay tuned to the website for more details and updates.

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