Weirdest Merch Ever! Elon Musk’s Tesla Is Selling Cybertruck-Inspired Cat Beds Made Of Cardboard In China

Elon Musk’s Tesla company now offers a bizarre cat bed that resembles the Cybertruck, but it is only available to customers in China. This “Cybertruck multifunctional corrugated cat litter” cat bed is made entirely of cardboard and looks like Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck. 

As per a report in The New York Post, the futuristic shape of the Cybertruck influenced the cat house’s design, as stated in the website’s description in Chinese.

The product description indicates that the cat bed ”has a futuristic shape, a semi-open cat litter, and thick corrugated paper embedded inside to meet the nature and daily needs of cats.”

The cat bed is constructed from moisture-resistant cardboard and can support weights of up to 7.5 kg, which is suitable for most pet cats. It’s priced at 89 Chinese Yuan, or approximately $12 (Rs 1023).

However, customers need to put the bed together on their own. ”Note: This product needs to be DIY; once it is folded and installed, it cannot be returned if there is no quality problem,” the description reads.


Tesla has a history of releasing unusual products. In the past, they introduced items like ”Tesla Tequila,” a high-end alcohol priced at $420 per bottle, a perfume named ”burnt Hair,” and a stainless steel whistle shaped like the Cybertruck.

Among other distinctive merchandise is a $100 ”Giga Texas Belt Buckle” featuring the phrase ”Don’t mess with Tesla. a $60 Tesla umbrella and a $70 Tesla branding iron.

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Elon Musk’s inclination for creating unconventional items isn’t limited to Tesla alone. His venture, The Boring Company, which focuses on tunnel construction for public transit, sold 500 flamethrowers in 2018, and they quickly sold out.

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