What happened to Burak Özcivit? Is the death of the Turkish actor in the earthquake in Turkey?

Kurulus Osman, known as Basmz, was a well-known actor. He recently passed away. Fans want to know more about him. Everyone is mourning the loss of the actor.

The actor and his family are said to have perished in the earthquake in Turkey. You will get complete information about him in this article. Keep reading for more details.

What happened to Kurulus Osman’s character Başımız Sağolsun?

He is a well known creator. He also made his first appearance in the Turkish television drama series, Osman. The main protagonist of the show was Burak Zcivit. Fans want to know the reason for his death.

The recent earthquake in Türkiye was a tragedy for everyone. Many lost their lives in it, while others suffer from the cold.

It is also known that the popular actor and his wife were trapped in the earthquake. Rumors are also said about his death.

The number of recent deaths reached 34,000. His wife, Zilan Tigris, is also a popular musician. Everyone is sending condolences to their loved ones.

Many celebrities also tweeted about his death. Godspeed was a good friend of Kurulus. He said that he is a great loss to the industry. He also played a popular character in Osman Bey.

Kurulus Osman Characters Burak Osman Death News

Türkiye was hit by a massive earthquake on February 6. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.8. Thousands of buildings were destroyed in seconds.

Recent news said that Burak Ozcivit helped the victims of the earthquake. Rumors spread about his death. He is helping the earthquake victims to survive.

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The rumors about his death are false. He is alive and helping thousands of people. A clip from the TV show of him went viral. I was being rescued in it. This made people think that he was actually rescued from the earthquake in Turkey.

I was just shooting. The clip was part of a TV show. People are also anxious to know about his wife. Let’s have more details about his wife.

Thousands of buildings were destroyed during the earthquake. The said to be the pride monuments and must see places of Turkey are no longer there for us.

Disasters often affect the lives of thousands of people. Turkey map is also going viral on the internet. The images show the before and after satellite image of Türkiye.

Burak Özcivit

All the greenery and beauty died. Disasters such as the Earthquake set back the country’s growth for many years. The other is that it leads to a great loss of historical evidence that is of great value for understanding the culture of a country.

The cold weather is also taking the lives of many people. The weather is so cold that you can’t stay outdoors any longer without enough clothing and without a Born fire.

Fires are born after each brief journey through the streets.

Ada’s wife dead or alive?

Adas’s wife is said to be buried under the buildings when the earthquake hits Turkey and Syria. Later, Bozdag Film announced that musician Zalan Tigris and her husband died during the earthquake.

The production said that they are sad and cannot express how they feel. It’s the worst feeling in the world. The earthquake was said to have hit the country a week ago.

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In Kurulus Osman, the actor played the role of a soldier. Records say the earthquake reached magnitudes 7.8 and 34,000 people died. The number is still counting.

Burak Özcivit with his wifeBurak Özcivit with his wife

In Syria, the number of deaths is 4,500 while in Turkey, the number of deaths is approximately 29,000. Few people live on the Syrian border after surviving. The other lives on the border with Türkiye.

The tallest of all buildings does not crash to the ground. Gaziantep Castle is said to be a 2,000-year-old folk monument. It was destroyed in seconds.

They were both happily married and planning more for their future. It is heartbreaking to know that they are no longer with us. People are mourning the death of this lovely couple.

Rumors are also spreading about the video. People are still confused as to whether the video is being mistaken for a real incident or if he is really in trouble.

Numerous sources confirm the death of the couple after the collapse of a building. It was said that they were in the building during the earthquake. They try hard but can’t escape.

Burak Özçivit wife and children

Fans cannot believe that the beloved actor is no longer in this world. The other part is the video that still keeps people’s hopes alive.

Sources have confirmed his death. The fans are sending their condolences. The couple was together in their last moments.

People are paying tribute to the actor on social media. His handiwork and his impact will always be on us. We will always remember them in our hearts.

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Burak Özcivit's wifeBurak Özcivit’s wife

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