What happened to Dr. Michael Heiser? Death from pancreatic cancer

The trend of paying tribute continues even a couple of days after the death of Dr. Michael Heiser. Netizens and people who knew Dr. Michael Heiser in person are still expressing grief over his passing. However, the cause of death of Dr. Michael Heiser is still unknown to many. They are questioning what happened to Dr. Michael Heiser and what was the cause of his death. Dr. Michael Heiser was a noted Bible scholar, so the news of his death is leaving people frantic looking for his death. However, we have put together this article to inform people about the death of Dr. Michael Heiser. Readers are requested to stay on this page for a while as we have discussed all the imperative aspects regarding this news. Kindly drag down the page to take a look at the additional sections given.

Pancreatic Cancer by Dr. Michael Heiser

Well-known Bible and Old Testament scholar Dr. Michael Heiser reportedly passed away on February 20, 2023. The news of his passing was confirmed by his official Twitter account. Dr. Michael Heiser’s Twitter handles posted: “Our beloved brother, scholar, and friend, Dr. Michael Heiser, entered the Unseen Realm on 02/20/23 at 3:45pm EST.” What was the cause of death of Dr. Michael Heiser? This question has been answered in the next section of this article.

As mentioned above, many people are still unaware of how Dr. Michael Heiser died, they are informed that the well-known Old Testament author and scholar suffered from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. His medical cause of death was cancer. Shortly after his passing, Twitter was inundated with tributes. Similarly, one person wrote: “Dang Dr. Michael Heiser died. RIP, it definitely changed my point of view on scripture!” Another tweeted: “May he rest in the peaceful arms of his Savior. His work is very reflective and changed aspects of my theology. Grateful for him.” Please switch to the additional section for more details and updates.

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Dr. Michael Heiser Pancreatic Cancer

He was a prominent person and people adored his works. Dr. Michael Heiser was an author who published several books. Some of his works were based on his knowledge of the spiritual themes of the Bible and the nature of spiritual themes. The AWKNG School of Theology stated after learning of Heiser’s death: “Today we honor the life of Dr. Michael S. Heiser. He entered the invisible realm yesterday at 3:45 pm EST and is now in the loving arms of our Lord. We honor a life well lived and a legacy left behind. Until we see you again, Dr. Heiser. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Our beloved brother, scholar, and friend, Dr. Michael S. Heiser has entered the Unseen Realm – 02/20/23 at 3:45 pm EST pic.twitter.com/IbX4C6rD92

—Michael S. Heiser (@DRMSHPhD) February 20, 2023

Dang Dr. Michael Heiser died 😩 RIP, he definitely changed my point of view on scripture!

— 🚶🏾‍♂️ (@sonoftsiyyonn) February 20, 2023

Dr. Michael Heiser has just passed away a short time ago. RIP

— ify (@ifffster) February 20, 2023

Unseen Realm is a very stimulating book. Michael Heiser RIP. https://t.co/Y5AlO5vE0Y

—Steve Hayhow (@shayhow) February 21, 2023

Michael Heiser was generous with his intellect and research. Man who is not afraid of complicated topics. His understanding of Hebrew is broader and richer. RIP 🙏🏼#Michaelheiser #RIPmichael pic.twitter.com/WifJVhPtBW

—BINNY THOMAS (@_BINNYTHOMAS) February 21, 2023

Michael Heiser is finally learning all the secrets we’ve been looking for, RIP

— Aidan Mattis (@AidanMattis) February 22, 2023

RIP Dr. Michael Heiser my faith will never be the same. You finally made it to the invisible realm

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— Brother Mateo (@brothermatt_rf) February 21, 2023

This makes me incredibly sad to hear. I wanted so badly to meet him and take one of his courses in person.

His work and research totally changed my faith. RIP Dr. Michael Heiser https://t.co/mxsfVPhqzK

—Tyler Bradfield (@_TylerBradfield) February 20, 2023

We knew this was going to happen for weeks, but it still hits hard. Michael Heiser has had a profound impact on the way I read the Bible. His work on the background of the OT and OCC is invaluable, particularly in an evangelical context. May he RIP.Pray for his soul and for his family. https://t.co/uPoeuOIeJo

— naD 🇬🇧🏴 🇬🇧🏴 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇬🇧🏴 🇪🇸🏴 🇪🇸 (@PatrologyVotary) February 21, 2023

R.I.P. Dr. Michael Heiser

—Michael J. Burgess (@pacificbells) February 21, 2023

Nooo 😭😭😭 This man’s teachings were 100% Yah breathed and filled with so much truth. He, along with Pastor Steven Darby, are so needed by a generation lost in deception. I am definitely going to get drunk all over his YouTube channel.

RIP Dr. Michael Heiser Rejoice in Paradise https://t.co/I7qms14YKt

— Deanna Wilson (@Deannae_mwilson) February 21, 2023

RIP Dr. Michael Heiser.

— Travis Harger (@travisharger) February 21, 2023

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