What happened to Dr. Stephen Wright? AstraZeneca Covid vaccine killed an NHS psychologist

In 2019, the entire world was affected by the deadly pandemic that was named as COVID. It’s been almost 4 years, but we are still not completely done with this deadly disease and the medical world is looking for a complete cure for it. However, some vacancies have been introduced that help our body fight this deadly disease, but it is not enough as COVID cases are on the rise again in some parts of the country. That is why scientists or medical team are working to make another vaccine booster, however, a doctor lost his life while testing this booster.

Cause of death of Dr. Stephen Wright

Now people seek to know the details of it and want to know more details of the deceased. The deceased doctor was identified as Dr. Stephen Wright. Reports indicate that the doctor lost his life after the reaction to the Covid vaccine. According to the police officer who is investigating the matter, a “fit and healthy” doctor lost his life due to “unwanted vaccination results” after the rare reaction to the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine.

doctor esteban wright

The reports further added that as an NHS clinical psychologist and frontline worker, 32-year-old Dr Stephen Wright of Sevenoaks, Kent, was among the first group of people to receive the vaccine at the time of the pandemic. However, after 10 days, he died, leaving his family, friends and loved ones in a state of mourning. Some people, including the deceased, have had serious reactions to the vaccine. The report indicates that health officials are investigating it.

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doctor esteban wright

Now the case is in court and the police are investigating the matter. Reports indicated that the late doctor was admitted to the Princess Royal Teaching Hospital in Orpington before being transferred to King’s College Hospital. Reports indicate that the condition of the deceased worsened one after another. Due to the severity of the bleeding, he was deemed unfit for surgery. Reports said the late doctor had a brain stem infarction, a hemorrhage in the brain. The late doctor had taken the dose of the AstraZeneca Covid shot and within 10 days he lost his life.

The late 32-year-old doctor was among the first to receive the vaccine at the time of the deadly epidemic. Coroner Andrew Harris explained the case as “very unusual and deeply saddening.” As the late doctor’s condition steadily deteriorated, medical experts advised the court that nothing could be done to save his life. At this time, our solidarity is with the family of the deceased.

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