What happened to George Maharis? Health Condition Before Death, Route 66 Star Died of Hepatitis

Tragic news hit surface level when Route 66 star George Maharis was reported to have passed away due to hepatitis. He should read the article and continue reading for more details. Follow us to know all the ideas. It was reported that the actor’s health was not good before his death. Let’s explore more about the Route 66 actor’s health and illness here. George Maharis was a noted actor. singer and artist from the United States of America. George was widely recognized for his prominent role as Buz Murdock in the first three seasons of the hit television series Route 66. In addition, Maharis recorded a number of pop music albums and some of his hit singles as a singer. Additionally, Maharis was one of the most beloved American actors whose roles can also be seen in Hullabaloo, Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre, The Happening, and The Satan Bug.

What happened to George Maharis?

Here is a brief discussion of the state of George Maharis’s health prior to his death. George Maharis’s state of health was not very good before his death. Fans and supporters have been showing concern over the news of the death and asking various questions about Mahari’s health for a long time. As for the information from him, George was diagnosed with a disease called hepatitis. Hepatitis is inflammation in the liver that can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, toxins, some medications, and particular medical conditions. His health condition began when he left the second part of Route 66. Later, it was revealed that George was exaggerating his illness.

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Jorge Maharis

However, due to that, he was also not happy as he couldn’t be a part of the series. However, Maharis returned to the series but did not stay for long, suffering a relapse. In an interview, taken in 2007, he recalled the moment of his illness. His doctor warned him, saying that if he didn’t leave the scene, he would either be dead or have permanent liver damage. Route 66 star George Maharis reportedly passed away on May 24, 2023 from an illness, hepatitis. His close friend of several years and his caretaker, Marc Bahan, confirmed the news, stating that George took his last breath at his home in Beverly Hills.

Jorge Maharis

As mentioned above, Maharis had a tough battle with his illness during the filming of Route 66. While filming the third season in 1962, George was diagnosed with hepatitis and was hospitalized for a month. After the news of his death, social networks have been flooded with tributes and messages of condolence. We offer our deepest prayers and condolences to George’s family and supporters. However, none of the verified outlets have confirmed the details about the services.

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