What happened to Khodr Yaghi? Padstow umpire faces accused of assaulting woman at Hornsby pub

Padstow referee Khodr Yaghi is reported to be facing a charge of assaulting a woman in a Hornsby pub. He should read the article for more details. Follow us to know all the ideas. A referee, Khodr Yaghi, beaten in the ugly incident on the pitch is accused of assaulting a Hornsby woman. A new viral fight video emerges that changes the narrative as a soccer referee who was allegedly punched in a nasty incident on the pitch is accused of assaulting a woman. A soccer referee whose jaw was broken in a shocking fight on the pitch has turned the tables against him, pleading not guilty to assaulting a woman while he was a bouncer in a North Sydney pub.

What happened to Khodr Yaghi?

Khodr Yaghi, who appeared in Hornsby local court on Wednesday wearing a futsal tracksuit, faces charges of assault causing bodily harm and reckless grievous bodily harm in the incident at the suburb’s Railway Hotel on March 3. The 45-year-old reportedly missed his first court appearance last month while undergoing surgery on his jaw, which was broken in three places while officiating at a local football match in south-west Sydney on 28 of April. His alleged assailant, Adam Abdallah, faces charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. to damage.

The amateur boxer was granted bail on May 31 after new video surfaced. It appeared to show Yaghi swinging first, before falling to the ground and being attacked by 25-year-old Abdallah. The veteran referee, who has officiated in Sydney for decades, was overwhelmed with support after the original video went viral. NSW Sports Minister Stephen Kamper, former president of the Sydney Olympic Football Club, presented Yaghi with a soccer ball signed by FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura.

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Chodr Yaghi

Football NSW said in a statement that it did not tolerate any anti-social behavior from any of its participants at any time. Clubs across the state held an honor guard for the referees in the aftermath of the incident in solidarity with Yaghi and to speak out against referee abuses. Yaghi remains on bail ahead of his next hearing, scheduled for June 19 at Downing Center Local Court. The bail conditions require the amateur boxer to remain at home at all times unless he is accompanied by his mother or his wife, who is six months pregnant.

Chodr Yaghi

Judge Mark Ierace said the terms effectively restrict Abdallah to house arrest. Since Abdallah has no prior criminal convictions other than a traffic problem, Judge Ierace said the alleged behavior seems rather odd. Thanks for being a patient reader.

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