What happened to Proteus? Mexican search and rescue dog, Proteo, died in Türkiye!

Not only are the news of the death of human beings sad, but the death of animals also anguishes us. There are many people who had pets and considered them members of the family and every time they died, their owners felt immense pain. Animals bring a lot of joy and happiness to the lives of those people who are distressed and depressed. Whenever someone feels depressed, they resort to the help of animals to get out of the pain. Most of the people loved to have dogs as they take very good care of the houses and are also loyal. In fact, many think that dogs are better than humans because they are loyal to their owners.

Why did Proteus die?

Not only are they guarding the house, but some dogs are lending their services to the police and helping them find the suspects. These police dogs, also called K-9s, are specially trained to assist police and other law enforcement officers. There are many K-9s who receive awards for their services and are treated similarly to police officers and when they die they receive a special tribute. One of those police dogs recently died and police departments are currently mourning his disappearance. The deceased dog was named Proteo who was a Mexican search and rescue dog.

Proteus has passed away in Türkiye. Now the netizens pay tribute to him and want to know the cause of his death. Reports indicate that after the quake disaster that occurred in Kahramanmaras, the death of the dog whose name was Proteus occurred. Proteo provided his services to the search and rescue team that came from Mexico. The passing news of him is officially confirmed by Carlos Villeda, who was his coach. He released a statement about his late dog, who was rumored to have perished under the rubble.

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Mexican search and rescue dog Proteo dies in Türkiye

Sharing his sentiments after Proteo’s disappearance, Villeda stated that “I am very proud of my dog, particularly as he has been known as a wonderful dog.” Proteus lost his life on Sunday February 12 in Türkiye. He was sent by Mexico to Türkiye. Carlos Villeda announced the cause of death of his dog. He claimed that Proteus did not die from being under the rubble as he claims on social media. He said that he died for various reasons. According to his coach, old age and the cold climate of Turkey were the reason for his death. Not only this Proteus was quite tired at the time of the long journey to Turkey.


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