What happened to Tate Makgoe? Free State Education MEC and bodyguards killed in car crash

The reasons for death are always different, but the pain is always the same. It is always sad to hear the news of the death of famous personalities who always dedicate their lives to the betterment of society. This time also the world is mourning the death of a famous politician who played an important role in the education sector and that is why people are crying after hearing about his passing. The deceased minister was identified as Free State Education MEC Tate Makgoe and he took his last breath on Sunday 5th March 2023. Yes he is reading right he took his last breath today and the reason for death is unnatural.

Tate Makgoe

How did Tate Makgoe die?

His followers and co-workers are quite sad after hearing of a sudden and unexpected passing and are using words of comfort to express their grief. Pule’s full name Herbert Isak Makgoe was a famous politician who hailed from South Africa and was quite a respected personality in his country. The Free State native was a member of the African National Congress and worked at the Free State MEC (Mississippi Electronic Courts) for Education. He obtained this post in May 2009. In May 1994, Makgoe committed himself to work in the Free State Provincial Legislature.

Tate Makgoe

But now the sudden death of Tate Makgoe has caused a shock in his country and many of his followers want to know the cause of his sudden passing and the details of the last rites. Reports indicate that his cause of death is identified as due to the fatal car accident on the N1 stretch near Winburg. He sustained injuries that proved fatal, and as a result of those injuries, he died. Makgoe’s vehicle was reportedly involved in the accident with 3 cows. The incident occurred in the parking lot. One of Tate’s family members was also present when the tragic and fatal incident occurred.

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[Read] Free State Education MEC Pule Herbert Makgoe, affectionately known as Tate Makgoe and his bodyguard were killed in a car accident on the N1 outside Winburg in the early hours of this morning https://t.co/EtXcj76UQE pic.twitter.com/QaOQgnvqmC

— @SAgovnews (@SAgovnews) March 5, 2023

As soon as he encountered the accident, he immediately took the Free State Education MEC to the medical institution, as he was seriously injured and required immediate medical attention. Tate’s disappearance has garnered worldwide attention. In addition to this, several people have expressed their sadness at his tragic and sudden passing. Speaking of his funeral, Makgoe’s family has issued an obituary at this time. His family is surely not in a position to handle this immense pain and that is why we are respecting his time and waiting for the right moment to talk.

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