What is TikTok Social Media Chroming Challenge? 13-year-old Australian girl dies

If you have been active on social media, especially on TikTok, you must have heard of a challenge dubbed “Chroming”. Countless people have reportedly taken over the internet and are talking about this challenge. But do you know what the trend is and why it is becoming so popular now? We have put together an article because, in fact, it is to discuss and inform people about how dangerous this challenge is. In fact, there have also been several deaths due to this Chroming challenge. Yes, you heard right, some innocent lives have been lost due to this trend. That is why it is very imperative to be aware of the Chroming challenge. You are asked to follow this column to the end. Scroll down the page and take a look below.

What is the Social Media Chrome Challenge?

However, the Chroming challenge is not a new trend, having emerged a few years ago. But it’s still making headlines, obviously not for good causes. The Strait Times claimed that two teenagers who participated in this trend lost their lives in 2019. This year there was one more case of death due to the Chroming challenge. A girl from Australia reportedly passed away while she was allegedly chroming. Take a look at the next section and read about the incident.

The girl from Australia who died due to Chroming was known as Esra Haynes. She was only 13 years old when she died. Google Trends shows that searches for the Chroming challenge increased in the month of May after the death of Esra Haynes. Reportedly, Esra Haynes died on May 14 when she allegedly chromed herself. Furthermore, the parents of Esra Haynes also stepped forward to save other children from this deadly trend. The new reason for her life is to avoid further loss of life due to this trend. Therefore, the parents of Esra Haynes are urging parents to keep an eye on their children and prevent them from engaging in mindless activities. Scroll down the page and learn more.

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Social Media Chrome ChallengeDeath of Esra Haynes Victim of Social Media Chroming Challenge (Photo Credit: A Current Affairs)

Dr. March Siegel appeared on America’s Newsroom where he said, “You’re literally inhaling paints and solvents to feel good…the problem is you’ve got acetone in there, formaldehyde in there. It’s called volatile organic compounds for a reason: it irritates the skin, it can get into the lungs, you can have seizures, you can have a coma, and again, we occasionally see people die from this.”

Social Media Chrome ChallengeEsra Haynes with her parents Paul and Andrea and her siblings: (Photo Credit: A Current Affairs)

The chrome challenge appears to be a variation on an old trend of inhaling or sniffing different materials. In this trend, the person has to inhale anything like aerosol cans, metallic paints, solvents, and gas. As mentioned above, in 2019 two children lost their lives while attempting this challenge. Dr. Siegel expressed his stress, saying: “The biggest problem is long-term cognitive problems that actually cause concentration problems if used over time. The really dangerous idea of ​​putting active organic compounds in to sniff them out.” Move on to the next section and read more details.

Social networks TikTok Chroming Challenge killed a 13-year-old girl

The National Retail Association gave a definition to understand what chrome is. It has a broader definition, but the term “chrome” comes from the act of inhaling chrome-based paint or deodorant as a means of getting high. Dr. Siegel blamed TikTok for the loss of life due to this trend because it allows the trend to grow. He said it’s one of the problems he has with social media platforms and the impact it has. Furthermore, RCH (The Royal Children’s Hospital) located in Melbourne also explained Chroming in a series of guidelines shared on their website. Scroll down the screen and read what The Royal Children’s Hospital had to say.

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Tik Tok

RCH stated that the Chroming trend implies a risk of tachycardia which is used for high heart rate. It also varies the levels of CNS depression or Central Nervous System depression, which occurs when a substance slows down brain activity. It also causes some side effects like slurred speech, hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. The effect of inhaling aerosols or metal pants lasts for a short time, but can cause a heart attack, coma, permanent damage to organs such as the kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, and brain, seizures, or suffocation. Continue reading this article.

Tik Tok

The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne also listed petroleum products, paint thinners, nail polish remover, hairspray, and lighter fluid as commonly used sources of chrome. Children should be kept out of the reach of these substances. Inhalation of these substances can cause organ damage and seizures. Children can inhale the chemicals by dipping them in a rag before inhaling and placing them in a plastic container bag. After Haynes’ death, the Victorian Department of Education said it would increase efforts to provide children with more information about chrome plating and its deadly effects. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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