What smartphones will WhatsApp stop being on in 2020?

Do you know which smartphones WhatsApp will stop being on in 2020? From time to time WhatsApp announces the models that will stop working with your application. So its unfortunate users will have to think about investing in another model in case they need to use them.

In general, WhatsApp decides to make some models obsolete in relation to apps. Especially when its user base is reduced in such a way that the investment in working hours to generate apps compatible with them is no longer justified.

The models left without service are Android phones released in 2011 and iPhones with the release year 2015.

As for the operating system, we refer to the software versions for Android 2.3.7 and earlier, and for iOS 8 and earlier.

Another bad news if you have Windows Phone; Since December 2019, you must say goodbye to WhatsApp.

We share the link to see the WhatsApp statement.

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Source: vtt.edu.vn

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