Who is Bindi Harris’s husband, Craig Nicholls? Relationship Timeline

Here’s everything you need to know about Craig Nicholls, who is knowingly the husband of Bindi Harris. Read this entire article to know more about his Wikipedia and how old he is. Follow us for all the ideas and keep reading for more details. Bindi Harris is knowingly the husband of Craig Nicholls. Currently, Bindi Harris and her family are currently trending for being related to Rolf Harris, the late Australian artist. Read on for the full story. Rolf Harris, the disgraced children’s entertainer and convicted pedophile, has died after battling cancer. The embarrassed television personality, who served a prison sentence for child sexual assault, died at his home. Medical personnel had been treating him at his home in Berks.

Who is Bindi Harris’s husband, Craig Nicholls?

However, the family issued a statement through their lawyers confirming his death in peace, surrounded by loved ones and requesting privacy. The cause of death was confirmed to be cancer and old age, in recent years, Harris had been receiving ongoing care for cervical cancer. Previously, she gained fame in the UK as a TV star, but lost her CBE and other awards followed by her conviction. He was married to Alwen Hughes, a Welsh sculptor and jeweller, and they married in London in 1958. Harris had a daughter named Bindi Harris.

Bindi Harris' husband, Craig Nicholls

This is about Craig Nicholls, who is the husband of Bindi Harris. Craj Nicholls is the husband of Bindi Harris, the only daughter of Rolf Harris. Previously, Bindi was previously in a long-term relationship with Malcolm Cox. Bindi also has a son named Marlon Cox. However, her support of her father led to the end of her relationship with Cox. Malcolm has also expressed concern for the safety of his son with Bindi’s father, the convicted pedophile. In 2008, Bindi married Craig Nicholls. There is a mix of support, tense moments and controversial brands in the complex relationship between Rolf Harris and his daughter Bindi.

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Bindi Harris' husband, Craig Nicholls

Despite her conviction for sexual assault in 2014, Bindi remained a strong supporter of her father, chalking his behavior up to her generation’s norms. Throughout her trial, the Harris family remained close, but there were signs of tension between father and daughter. Bindi revealed that she had contemplated suicide after discovering that one of her father’s victims was her best friend. Furthermore, she resented her father’s fame, and even forbade photos of her in her house to avoid arguments about him. Bindi described Harris as withdrawn and disinterested at home, which is in stark contrast to her public persona.

There is no Wikipedia page for Bindi Harris’ husband, Craig Nicholls. Likewise, neither of them has shared their age with the public. Harris, the popular Australian entertainer known for his musical, television and artistic career, passed away at the age of 93 on May 10, 2023. Harris’ reputation was severely damaged despite his artistic achievements when he faced serious criminal charges. In 2014, he was convicted of twelve counts of indecent assault against four underage girls between the 1960s and 1980s. These charges revealed his involvement in sexual misconduct and abuse. As a result, Harris was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison.

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