Who is Chika? Rapper Trending On Twitter As Angry Rant Against Kids

Recently Jane Chika Oranika is going viral on the internet. Everyone is surfing the internet to know more about her and also the ongoing viral news of her. When the fans and the public found out about her, they all started surfing the internet to know more about the viral incident. The public is searching the Internet to know in detail the viral news of her. And for our readers, we have brought the information about it in this article. Not only that, we are also going to give the details about the viral news about her that has aroused public interest recently in this article. Stay with us to know more about her.

Who is Chika?

Rapper Jane Chika Oranika, 26, gained notoriety on social media for her furious rant about children while on a flight. Zonnique Pullins, the daughter of singer-songwriter Tiny Harris, is the mother of one of two children she yelled at. The artist took to Twitter on June 1 to vent about two babies she said were making a racket in first class. Orankis claimed that one of her crying children woke her from the dream. After that, the rapper posted a series of tweets discussing the situation.


Rapper Chika’s angry rant about children

She claimed that the passenger sitting next to her felt it would be a good idea to buy first-class tickets for herself and her twin sons. Oranika referred to Zonnique’s sobbing child as a “screaming b*stard”. She said: “I just spent $34 on WiFi at 4 in the morning to call you stupid. [P.S.] Stupid witch, I despise you and wish that tomorrow you would cut a piece of paper in half between each finger. However, the tweets were eventually deleted by the artist. On June 3, Zonnique posted a video of the two boys on a plane and mocked the rapper.

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Many found it amusing how the Alabama rapper attacked the young man with his tirade about airplanes. Some people pointed out that he has a history of mocking and disparaging young black children. Due to the derogatory language the rapper used to describe young children, many people were outraged at her. Later, the rapper addressed the issue on Instagram stories. He explained that he was experiencing a manic episode and that he was seeing a therapist. He also added that if he hadn’t yelled at the children, he might have experienced a panic attack.

wait im crying no chika boo i was mad my son was cutting himself in first class pic.twitter.com/PJpGE3zRUU

— baby spice (@Zonnique) June 3, 2023

Why did Chika always fight with the black children? Specifically black girls? https://t.co/dAa9e6zAiu

— 𖦹•Sneaky Link by Mark Lee•𖦹 (@SunshowerFro) June 3, 2023

Chika loves to badmouth and put down black boys and specifically black girls. Don’t you find that questionable at all? pic.twitter.com/akcungVPOg

— I’m like… DO IT 4 MY BABY! (@SUCKAW0RLD) June 3, 2023

Wait!!!!!! Was the mom Zonnique? Tiny and TI’s son? Chika ranted about her babies?! MY GOD!!! https://t.co/EKrA19gWwx pic.twitter.com/ZLh8JJHvhl

— Will Smith slapped me (@AshleyShyMiller) June 3, 2023

TI uploading multi-syllable words for misuse in his response to Chika: pic.twitter.com/AhKCO2YSMs

— Melech. (@MelechThomas) June 3, 2023

chika when she has to take responsibility and admit that she is wrong in a situation: pic.twitter.com/Z7u1j0HYLg

— I’m like… DO IT 4 MY BABY! (@SUCKAW0RLD) June 3, 2023

chika being dragged from left to right… oh, I prayed for moments like this pic.twitter.com/uaSUbk6eVX

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— C☆RIS (@vrtua1vamp) June 3, 2023

Who the hell is Chika and why does she hate black kids? pic.twitter.com/sLsqOCh2bs

— Aya 𑁥౿ (@ziarastar) June 3, 2023

Just a reminder that this is not the first or second time that Chika has attacked black boys, specifically black girls. This is just an example. pic.twitter.com/jOX9wmjQ9x

— 𖦹•Sneaky Link by Mark Lee•𖦹 (@SunshowerFro) June 3, 2023

chika needs to understand that mental illness is not an excuse to be a horrible person

— ً (@mynamekaye) June 3, 2023

We can have sympathy for Chika’s experiences of marginalization while realizing that she brought it on herself.

“She wouldn’t be dragged around like this if she—” You’re probably right. But anyone who talks about black children like her MUST be held accountable in this way.

“Get it, Jade!” (@keatingssixth) June 3, 2023

atp Chika is a troubled person who needs to unplug and seek intensive mental health care or she will just continue to be dragged down pic.twitter.com/PjRepcoQOK

— 𖠌 ᵐʳ ᵐᵘⁿᶜʰ (@fuhtrue) June 3, 2023

Chika is wrong as two left shoes, but I realize a lot of people use that as a reason to be a colorist.

— ☽ (@heyitsdime) June 3, 2023

Making fun of Chika’s appearance isn’t going to solve her internal problems.

— Clitaur (@Epithymia__) June 3, 2023

It is possible to hold multiple truths at once. Chika has a reputation for being nasty. She constantly throws the stone away and hides her hand from it. Her flying tirade was out of place. That being said, the comments from colorists and fatophobics regarding her appearance are absolutely incorrect.

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— LEX (@alexisoatman) June 3, 2023

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