Who is Don Design’s girlfriend, Azola Mona? Parents’ age and net worth

Rapper Don Design is said to be responsible for the death of rapper AKA. People want to know more about him.

You will get complete information about Rapper Don in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Who is the rapper Don Design?

Don Design is a versatile person. He is skilled in music creation, rapping, DJing, and directing. Rapper AKA is also claimed to be a suspect in AKA’s death.

CCTV footage shows a personality identical to Rapper Don. They both meet by coincidence. They want to help AKA find the missing kit. Later, both developed a good friendship.

They recorded a music video together. His collaborations include Run Jozi and All Eyes on Me. Kontrol was their first collaboration video.

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He worked with AKA for a long time. She began working as a creative director under him. They used to design their merchandise together. Later, he founded his own label, Monday2Monady.

Many South African locals support Don Design. They believe that he was a close friend of AKA. They say he can’t be involved in the murder.

While investigators said he was suspicious. Let’s have more details about his girlfriend and his family history.

Don Design and Azola MonaDon Design and Azola Mona

Who is Azola Mona?

Azola Mona is Don Diseño’s girlfriend. They started their relationship in 2021. There are rumors that the couple has broken up. There is no confirmation if they are together or not.

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His girlfriend, Azola Mona, is a good friend of Dlamini Jones. Azola is a social media influencer. She has an interest in fashion. She was asked about her dress.

She replied that she liked to dress up and wear whatever felt good on herself. She has a good fashion sense. She believes that everyone has a different body type and different things suit different individuals.

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gift design

Don Design Family and Parents:

Don Design is said to be between 30 and 35 years old. He is a private person. He doesn’t share much about his personal life. We don’t have much information about his parents and siblings.

He has not posted any photos with his family. Fans support Don Design. They believe that he is not the murderer. We hope the real suspect will come out in front of investigators.

The investigation is not over. There is still no clear face for the suspect who killed AKA.

We keep bringing those details about your favorite celebrities. Stay tuned for more details.

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