Who is the wife of Hafidz Roshdi, Nurul Shuhada Mat Shukri? cheating scandal explained

Most of us surely go through heartbreak at least once in our lives. It is not necessary that everyone’s love story has a happy ending or that all love stories are like fairy tales. Some end in a very bad way that leaves the person in a desolate state. Cheating on someone is a sin and actually hurt the other person. One of those wives is going through this anguish after finding out that her husband was cheating on her. This news is all over the social networks because the husband of the cheater is a well-known personality and that is why several fans are showing their interest in this news and want to know which popular face we are talking about and what exactly happened.

Who is the wife of Hafidz Roshdi?

According to reports, since the last month of January 2023, various speculations and rumors have been made on the web that actor Hafidz Roshdi was caught cheating on his wife. Nurul Shuhada Mat Shukri is the wife of Hafidz Roshdi, who surely is devastated by the act of her husband in any relationship, one of the biggest fears is to find your partner cheating on you and we cannot imagine the pain Nurul. It’s always hard to accept the fact that whoever you trust the most can break your trust and after that, you can’t be the same person you were and you made various changes. Talking about this case, there are some fans who think this news is fake and have faith in it and claim that this rumor is fake. Read more: Hafidz’s cheating wife Roshdi Skandal Hafidz? IG Photos Deleted After Viral Scandal

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Hafidz Roshdi

Let’s find out the truth and more details of the case. This whole rumor reportedly started when the actor deleted photos of his wife from his social media account and after that, many started talking about the issues between them. There are many fans who speculate that something has happened between them and that is why the actor deleted all the photos of his wife. The actor previously rejected all the rumors and stated that he wanted his fans to focus on his professional content instead of his personal life and thus he deleted all photos related to his personal life. Now his statement makes many believe that it is possible that he did cheat on his wife and that is why he deletes the photos.

Hafidz RoshdiHafidz Roshdi Wife Hafidz

Recently, a cyber citizen managed to get a screenshot of the Instagram stories of user @shushukriii, who was believed by many to be the actor’s wife. As mentioned in the viral screenshots, the mother of 2 allegedly accused the other woman of stealing her husband and she made a serious accusation to her husband that he cheated on her with another woman. However, the account is now deleted and that is why most of you will not be able to get the screenshots or the account. The Instagram story read: “Thank you for taking the father of my child, thank you so much for completely destroying my life and my marriage to my spouse.”

Hafidz Roshdi

Hafidz Roshdi cheating scandal explained

In the latest Instagram story post, the sad and devastated lady even motivated netizens and fans of her spouse to search, identify and track down the details of the woman who acts as a home breaker. She said she “could go viral if I wanted to, but I’m not going to do any of that and leave the rest of the case to God to punish both of you for your sin.” After viewing her application, an Instagram user found the details of the claimed homebreaker. @JabatanNetizenNagara20 has posted a screenshot of another woman’s account using the username @athirayuhada. She also posted the claimed WhatsApp chat she had with the star.

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Hafidz Roshdi

Although as of now, we are not confirming the authenticity of the chats and we are not verifying it at the moment, as soon as we get authentic proof, we will surely mention it here. At the time of writing, we don’t know if the account shared by IG user @athirayuhada is real or fake. Neither he nor Hafidz Roshdi’s wife have so far made any statement related to this and yet they have not addressed the latest rumors of cheating allegations. However, the actor uploaded the image to his Instagram account along with the caption “What are you guys talking about down there?” Now, after seeing this caption, many social media users think that he is talking about the latest hot topic.

Hafidz Roshdi

We are trying to speak to him or his representative, but no one is available at this time to talk about it. His silence is making his fans and netizens believe that this rumor is true and that is why the actor is trying not to talk about it. Well, the real truth is that now we must wait for the actor or his wife to issue a statement on the matter. Until then, stay tuned with us and we will surely come back with more information about it.

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