Who is Elise Finch’s husband? Was the CBS New York meteorologist married for a long time?

In recent news, it has been reported that beloved CBS meteorologist Elise Finch has died at the age of 51. Social networks were flooded with tributes and prayers. She should read the article for more details and information. Follow us for all the latest ideas and updates on PKB News.

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Who is Elise Finch’s husband?

Currently, all of New York is mourning the shocking death of meteorologist Elise Finch, a well-known journalist. The deceased she passed away at the age of 51 and at the time of her death. The official cause of her death has not yet been revealed as of this writing. Additionally, netizens have taken to the internet to share their condolences with Finch’s family and loved ones. A WCBS station on Channel 2 announced that Elise Finch passed away Sunday night. However, the official report also claimed that she died at a local hospital. Scroll down to the next section to find out what the post has revealed about her character.

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The publication noted that Elise was a talented and accomplished professional who took great care in her work. In addition, they added that she was a wonderful ambassador in the community that also included her hometown of Mount Vernon. Above all, Elise was a fierce, loving and devoted mother. Here’s everything you need to know about who Elise Finch married. Several tributes poured in when the journalist passed away suddenly and untimely. According to sources, Elise Finch was married to WCBS photojournalist Graig Henriques. The couple are proud parents of their daughter, Grace. There are no such details about her husband on the Internet.

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elise finch

Additionally, CBS2 Director of Sports Otis Livingston also took to the social media site and expressed that he was devastated to learn of his friend’s tragic passing. Another friend marked his presence and wrote that Elise was an amazing person and the epitome of grace and kindness. Several fans took to the Internet to pay tribute to Finch. Let’s take a brief case study on Finch’s life and family. Elise Finch graduated from Georgetown University, where she received a Bachelor of Science. She received her master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University. Before joining CBS Network, she worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

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