Who is Jhong Hilario? Leaked Photos Controversy Scandal Explained

After sharing a lot of sad news, now it’s time to talk about some hot news. We know all of you are tired and sad after hearing one tragic news after another, but this article will distract your mind with scandal related news and leaked news. It’s been a while since we shared this kind of news with our readers, so finally their wish came true and we came here to talk about the controversial Jhong Hilario scandal. However, this scandal is not new, but still, it is drawing a lot of attention for some reason.

jhong hilario

Who is Jhong Hilario?

The scandal occurred in 2013, but it still makes headlines on social media. The reason is quite obvious as the news headlines show the private and leaked photos of him that are still available to view on some social media sites. Such photos are usually deleted by social media, but some websites or netizens save and post them from time to time. And being a famous personality, it is obvious that people show interest in him in this news. Those who don’t know Jhong Hilario, let’s tell them that he is a famous Filipino actor, dancer, politician and television personality. Since 2016, he has served as a Makati councilor from his 1st ward.

jhong hilario

Leaked photos of Jhong Hilario

It’s often in the news for various reasons, but in 2013 it gained a lot of attention after being dragged into controversy. The controversy was related to the leaked videos of her and private photos that were shared online and still exist on the web. The whole controversy began when private photos of her from the bathtub were shared on Facebook. Supposedly, private photos of her were shared online on her official Instagram account on April 16, 2013. Before long, the photos were deleted, but her fans and followers soon took notice.

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jhong hilario

Jhong Hilario controversy scandal explained

Her fans and other netizens are quite shocked after seeing her sexual images online and many of them started circulating on Reddit and Twitter. For this reason, Hilario became a controversial figure and several people made memes of his private photos. However, he also helps him become more popular and many people started following him. Viral photos of him still exist and made news headlines. Those who still have private photos share them with each other. Some of the leaked viral photos of him show the private part of him which is quite shocking to many people and they still wonder how he can post such photos publicly despite knowing that it is offensive to share them.

jhong hilario

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