Who is Joasia Zakrzewski? Cheating marathon runner is disqualified for using a car for 4km

A Scottish runner was disqualified because she used a car to complete a part of the race in which she finished third. Data from the ultramarathon race confirmed that Joasia Zakrzewski used a car for 4km, according to the event director, with the 47-year-old admitting it was a “big mistake”. Data from the GB Ultras Manchester to Liverpool 80km race on 7 April confirmed that Zakrzewski, who represented Scotland in the marathon at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, gained an “unsportsmanlike competitive advantage during a section of the event according to race director Wayne. Drinking water.

Who is Joasia Zakrzewski? cheating marathon runner

“We can confirm that a rider has now been disqualified from the event after reviewing data from our race tracking system, GPX data, statements provided by our event team, other competitors and the entrant herself,” he told the BBC. . Zakrzewski broached the issue, stating that she was “tired, jetlagged and sick” and agreed to a ride after injuring her leg. “When I got to the checkpoint, I told them I was getting out and that I had been in the car, and they said, ‘You’ll hate yourself if you stop,’” recalled Dr. Zakrzewski, who they persuaded not to leave. . for a marshal.

joasia zakrzewski trap marathon runnerJoasia Zakrzewski

“I agreed to continue on a non-competitive basis.” I was careful not to overtake the runner in front when I noticed her because she didn’t want to interrupt her run.” “I made a big mistake accepting the trophy and I should have returned it.” “I lift my hands; I should have returned them and not taken pictures of myself, but I felt sick and lost and unable to think straight. I’m a jerk and I’d like to apologize to Mel. [Sykes, who was eventually upgraded to third place]. It wasn’t malevolent; that was a misunderstanding.

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joasia zakrzewski trap marathon runner

After a long flight from Australia the night before the race, Zakrzewski’s companion justified her behaviour. Zakrzewski’s friend said that she was sick and that she wanted to go after having arrived from Australia the night before. “She has fully cooperated with the race organizers’ investigations, providing them with a full account of what occurred,” Adrian Stott said. “She sincerely regrets any inconvenience.” Zakrzewski holds the Scottish 24-hour record, the British 200-kilometre record, and the Scottish 100-mile record. Scottish Athletics chairman David Ovens expressed confidence that Zakrzewski could recover from the issue. “It’s very disappointing to hear this, especially given Joasia’s recent success,” he commented. “I hope that she can put this behind her and that there is an innocent explanation for him to resume his successful career.”

joasia zakrzewski trap marathon runnerjoasia zakrzewski trap marathon runnerjoasia zakrzewski marathon trapjoasia zakrzewski marathon trap

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