Who is Patricia Kopta? Missing Pennsylvania woman found in Puerto Rico

We cannot imagine the happiness of that family that was sad before after learning about the disappearance of their relatives. The news of the loss of loved ones instantly brings the fear of loss and the family lives below that unless the person is not found. In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in missing persons reports, but fortunately, our police take this matter seriously and immediately start looking for the person by launching a search operation. It is very important to find the person before something miserable happens to them. One such family that was previously upset and worried about the well-being of their missing loved ones is now happy after knowing they were found successfully.

Missing person’s name is Patricia Kopta, whose family was excited and shocked when the missing Pennsylvania lady was discovered alive in the nursing home who has been missing for 30 years and they believed her dead but when they found out she was okay they went he was surprised too happy. Now this news is all over the social media platforms and social media users want to know the whole story and who found it. According to reports, she was found on the island after informing the nursing home staff members of her background who had been caring for her for years. This statement is shared by Ross Township Police Chief Brian Kohlhepp.

Patricia Kopta

His discovery put an end to the investigation into his disappearance, which began 30 years ago. The report states that last year, the nursing facility informed police that they had been caring for a woman for the past 3 decades who suffered from dementia and may have disappeared from a Pennsylvania township near Pittsburgh in 1992. She was found in need on the streets of Puerto Rico in 1999. According to INTERPOL, she was found walking the streets and the social worker, and over the years, refused to share her private life or where she came from.

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Patricia Kopta

But with each passing time, he has started to talk about where he came from and this apparently led people around him to inform the police about his whereabouts. Reports indicate that she was a married woman who married her husband Bob hers. According to the poster shared by the Pennsylvania Emergency Response Center, she was last seen in Pittsburgh in 1992. After a few months, her husband, Bob, filed her missing report. According to the flyer, Bob informed officers that his wife was often out of sight for a short time. Her family thought that she had lost her and that she would never return, but now they are happy to know that she is alive.

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