Who is R Praggnanandhaa Wikipedia, Ranking, Age, Net Worth and Family Upbringing?

R Praggnanandhaa, the new Internet name that has caused a stir. This guy hasn’t just created a storm, he’s created a story. His name has now been written in the history of India. Because now he is the push of India. Many people have searched for his name in the browser and we are sure that you have also searched for his name in the browser, that is why it is here right now. Then you are in the right place to know everything about him. We know that everyone is very excited to hear from him as he is one of those people who has created history in India through his skills and talent.

Who is R Praggnanandhaa?

He is such an amazing mind that is why he is very popular nowadays. Now many people are searching Wikipedia for R Praggnanandhaa and some people are searching for R Praggnanandhaa’s biography. That’s why we’re here to tell you all about him. Our brilliant team has done a lot of work and research on it. And he collected a lot of details about him from various places. So now we are here to share all the information about him in this article. You will see everything about him in this article. So read this article very carefully and don’t miss anything because it is packed with a lot of information about this fashionable person.

R Praggnanandhaa

R Praggnanandhaa is an Indian chess grandmaster. He is one of the most popular people today as he recently created a great story and made India proud. He has a FIDE rating of 2707 and is currently ranked 29th in the world. He was born on August 10, 2005 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He recently turned 18 as of 2023. And just a few days after turning 18, he made history. His full name is Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa. Continue reading about him.

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R Praggnanandhaa

R Praggnanandhaa is an Indian chess grandmaster. He became an international chess master when he was only 10 years old. He is one of the youngest chess masters in India. He tuned as a grandmaster at the age of 12. He has made India proud since his childhood. He became the youngest player to defeat world champion Magnus Carlsen on February 22, 2022, when he was just 16 years old. He has represented his country since his childhood. Now scroll down to know more about the R Praggnanandhaa family.

If we take a look at R Praggnanandhaa’s parents, he was born to his mother whose name is Nagalakshmi who is a housewife and has been seen with him many times in national and international competitions and to his father whose name is Rameshbabu. , who is a branch manager at TNSC Bank. He is the youngest son of his family. R Praggnanandhaa’s brothers are also famous players. He is the brother of International Master R. Vaishali and a Female Grand Master. The whole family of him is the momentum of India and they are creating stories. His contribution to India is totally amazing. To know more about him, scroll down to the next paragraph.

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa

In 2013, R Praggnanandhaa was awarded the FIDE Master title when he won the Under 8 World Youth Chess Championship. In 2016, he was awarded the International Master title and in 2018 he was awarded the Grandmaster title. His FIDE rating is 2707 and currently his world ranking is 29. He is inspired by his sister R Vaishali who is also a chess player. Watching his sister, he too became interested in playing chess. And now they are both making the country proud of him. You know, he is the fifth youngest person to have obtained the title of Grandmaster. Keep reading this article until the end.

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R Praggnanandhaa’s interest in chess developed when he was only 3 and a half years old. Since then he started playing chess. He saw his sister playing chess at the time when he started playing chess and looked where it led him. He is now known as the Grand Master. The one step from him at a young age has made him a star today. His sister helped him in his career. His entire family has been his supporting hand. They always supported R Praggnanandhaa in his career and never stopped him from playing chess. Now look at the next stanza of this article to know about the education of R Praggnanandhaa.

R Praggnanandhaa studied at the main Velammal campus until 2022. He is a brilliant minded person, be it chess or studies. He is very good at studies. But since he was little he focused mainly on chess and he found it very good. His decision to play chess made him a Grandmaster. Currently, R Praggnanandhaa made India proud as he is now in the final of the Chess World Cup by beating Fabiano Caruana.

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