Who is Tamara Bella’s husband? Why Pablo Vázquez Kunz is a trend on social networks

Find out who Tamara Bella’s husband is and discover the controversial relationship with her ex-husband, Pablo Vázquez Kunz, who generate debate on social networks.

Who is Tamara Bella’s husband? She is a Brazilian model and television host, who was married to Pablo Vázquez Kunz, however, this relationship generated controversy on social networks.

Likewise, it is known that Tamara has a degree in Psychology and completed her training at the Enrie Corbera Institute, where she achieved a master’s degree in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis certified by the Spanish NLP Association.

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In addition, he obtained a diploma as a neuropsychoeducator awarded by the Educate for Human Rights Association, who is fond of the study of the mind.

Also, he is known for being Tamara’s ex-husband, who together are the parents of a girl, however, this relationship is considered toxic due to various controversies.

Tamara Bella’s husband’s controversy

In recent months it has been confirmed that Tamara Bella is involved in a drama with her newborn daughter, since she had been urgently admitted to neonatology, a process that ensures that she is living alone.

Likewise, Tamara expressed that; “The father () does not care about her daughter”, words that generated different opinions on social networks, for the moment, the model remains in a hotel near the sanatorium where her daughter, named Bruna, is.

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“I told him to help me pay for the sanatorium because it is private, since Bruna still does not have social work, they are doing the paperwork. I told him that I can’t afford all the expenses because every day is a lot of money. And she told me that she doesn’t have it and that she should solve it.”

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Tamara Bella

Days after she was born, doctors diagnosed influenza and began the process to control the disease, however, Tamara assured that “Fortunately I took her in on time.”

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