Who is the wife of Ballon d’Or Luis Suárez? Was Miramontes married? dating and relationship timeline

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Ballon d'Or Luis Suárez

Who is the wife of Ballon d’Or Luis Suárez?

Luis Suárez Miramontes, born in Spain, was a professional soccer player and coach. At Deportivo de La Corua, España Industrial, FC Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Sampdoria and the Spanish team, he played in midfield. One of the best Spanish soccer players of all time is Suárez. He was well known for his exquisite, fluid and skillful playing style. Suárez, also known as “El Arquitecto”, was a talented passer and a deadly shooter. He was the first and only Spanish male soccer player to win the Ballon d’Or in 1960. At Euro 1964, he helped Spain win. Suárez first gained notoriety in the 1950s as a talented inside forward, or attacking midfielder in today’s terminology, for the illustrious Barcelona team.

Ballon d'Or Luis Suárez

Then, after moving to Inter Milan, the player reached his prime in the 1960s as a deep playmaker for the legendary team of inside greats. He was an essential component of the success of Herrera’s Inter Milan team and one of the team’s key creative forces due to his ability on the ball, vision and passing range. In 1973, after three seasons at Sampdoria, he gave up football. Luis Suárez Miramontes almost never opened up to the public or the media about his personal life. Therefore, the marital status of him was still unknown at this time. The footballer was reportedly not married at the time of his death, according to various reports. The Ballon d’Or winner has apparently never married.

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Ballon d'Or Luis Suárez

In any case, there is no indication of his decision to remain single and avoid marriage online. At 38, the soccer icon decided to retire from the sport. Therefore, we might assume that the soccer player was too obsessed with the game and preoccupied with his job to consider getting married. Galicia is where Luis Suárez was born in Spain. The legendary soccer player was conceived on May 2, 1935 in A Coruña, Galicia, where he lived for a large part of his early years.

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