Who killed Cashay Henderson? Murder arrest of 31-year-old transgender woman in Milwaukee

A heinous crime has been detected claiming that a transgender woman has been shot to death. This news is currently covering the newspaper headlines and people are sharing their shock after hearing this news that they want to know the cause of this crime and who is the suspect and why she killed her. Is this a hate crime or does the suspect have some personal issue with her? Well, what is the real reason for this shooting? It’s getting people’s attention and they want to know about both the suspect and the victim.

Is Cashay Henderson’s killer under arrest?

This crime reportedly occurred on Sunday, February 26, 2023, a black transgender woman identifying herself as Cashay Henderson was murdered in Milwaukee. At the time of death, she was 31 years old. The police have filed the murder case and are currently investigating the matter and trying to find more information about it. According to the Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents blog, this murder is reported to be the seventh transgender person killed in the United States this year.

cashay henderson

In addition to this, Cashay Henderson is the third black transgender woman to be murdered in the Midwestern city of Milwaukee in the last nine months. She was found dead and during the autopsy, a gunshot wound was found on her body. Her body was discovered in the burning apartment building on Sunday morning. Reports indicate that no such arrests have been made in connection with her death, which means that at this time we cannot share the details of her killer. Scroll down to know more about her.

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cashay henderson

Who was Cashay Henderson and who killed her?

As mentioned by PGH Lesbian Correspondents reported that Cashay Henderson hailed from Chicago. She was a beloved woman and passionate about her career. She loved doing makeup, fashion and hip-hop and visiting new restaurants and coffee shops. Apart from that she also loved doing social services and she was an active member of Sisters Helping Each Other Battle Adversity (SHEBA) for over 5 years. SHEBA is basically a biweekly meeting space for black transgender women.

cashay henderson

The news of her death is no less than a shock to her community and they are currently mourning her passing and demanding justice for her. They also want to know the details of her suspect, however, the police have not shared the information and the case is under investigation. As of now, we only have a lot of details, but we are trying to find more information about it and as soon as we get something new regarding this news, we will surely update here. Until then stay connected with us.

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