Who was Maureen Werner? 49-year-old cyclist killed in Highland Park

Usually death news is sad to hear but when it is about a person who already dedicated his life to serve the society then it becomes sad. One of those communities is currently grieving the death of a person who lost their life during a hit and run incident. Such cases are constantly increasing and it seems that law enforcement needs to be strict with traffic rules, it is also necessary to increase the severity of punishments. Perhaps then such cases could be prevented. Speaking about the current incident, the deceased was identified as Maureen Wener.

Maureen Werner: Cyclist Killed in Highland Park

She was a mother, a role model, and a friend in her community who was always ready to help other people. Most people remember the 49-year-old woman who lost her life in a hit-and-run accident on Friday afternoon. According to reports, she was cycling near Deerfield and Piccadilly Road. The entire community is shocked and wants justice for her and wants to see the defendant behind bars for her. Thousands of people pay tribute to her and remember her for the work she did for society.

maureen werner

A youth services librarian who worked at the Deerfield Public Library, Noreen Trotsky shared her opinion about the deceased and asked the police to find the culprit. She states that “I hope the police find the culprit of this crime. It’s hard to believe that she’s really gone. Maureen was a wonderful woman who always helped people love. She was thoughtful. She had always said ‘hi’ to you and asked how things were going, and she will be sorely missed.” The police officers filed the case and are currently investigating the case and stating that the vehicle drove away from the scene and the victim lost her life at the nearby hospital due to her serious injuries.

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maureen werner

The reports further added that Steven Hiller lives in the area and claims that a woman instantly attempted CPR before police arrived on the scene. Hiller states that “The thing that crossed my mind was how terrifying it was, the fact that this woman would go for a bike ride and flip her wings.” Wener’s impact was felt by many, as she served on many local boards. Bob Morgan, the State Representative, knew her very well and called her a “true and loyal public servant.” Reports indicate that her deceased left behind her son and her husband, Paul, who is currently grieving her passing and wants to know more about the incident and is desperate to meet the accused of the death. her.

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