Who was Mike Enriquez married to? Family life explored when veteran broadcast journalist dies at 71

Mike Enriquez passed away at the age of 71. Just a month before his 72nd birthday he left this world. This theme is one of the most popular on the Internet. He was a former host for GMA Network and president of Super Radyo DZBB 594 AM. The news of his passing has been announced by GMA Network. He died from kidney disease. In 2018, GMA Network announced that Mike had taken a big hit on the brakes at work. According to the source, he was admitted to the hospital and under three months of isolation. As we all know, in 2018 Mike announced that he had kidney disease. That year he also underwent heart bypass surgery. Now, after his death, people are very interested in knowing about Mike Enríquez’s wife. So tell us all about him in this article.

Who is Mike Enriquez’s wife?

Mike Enriquez was born on September 29, 1951 in Santa Ana, Manila, Philippines. He is currently 71 years old as of 2023. His real name is Miguel Castro Enríquez. He was a well-known artist in the Filipino entertainment world. He was a Filipino television and radio host. He was also a consultant to the GMA Network on radio operations. Not only this, he was also the president of the network’s radio and regional affiliate, RGMA Network, and one more thing, he was also the manager of the Super Radyo DZBB 594 AM station. In 1969, Mike began his broadcasting career with the Manila Broadcasting Company. What is Mike Enriquez’s net worth? He dies veteran television journalist at the age of 71

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He once revealed in an interview that he became interested in radio when he visited his friend’s house. Since then he has worked as a news editor, broadcast reporter, program director and station manager. And after a lot of work, he finally became the manager of a medium-sized radio station. If you look at Mike Enriquez’s education, he graduated from Da La Salle College while studying AB Liberal Arts in college. He then completed his studies in 1973, he was the eldest son in his family as he has two younger brothers. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees of La Salle Green Hills. How did Mike Enriquez die? Illness and cause of death revealed as veteran journalist dies at 71

According to the source, Mike Enriquez was married to Lizabeth Baby Yumping. They have been married for the last 29 years. They do not have kids. Lizabeth’s proper age is not confirmed yet, but it seems that she is approximately 65 or 68 years old. The couple first met through radio when Mike was working as an RJ. They have known each other for 40 years, but now their bond has ended because Mike Enríquez is no longer in this world. May his soul rest in peace.

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