Why do flight attendants greet passengers as they board the plane? This is what you need to know

Flight attendant Kat Kamalani had racked up millions of views on a video showing how flight attendants evaluate you as you enter the plane.

Kamalani (known on TikTok as @katkamalani) revealed in a TikTok video that the flight crew welcomes you when you walk on a plane to see if you can help in case of emergency and serious red flags.

The video reportedly had around 2.5 million views and more than 500,000 likes.

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A flight attendant explains why passengers are greeted when boarding

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“So when you walk on the plane and see our happy, smiling face, we’re actually looking at you up and down, trying to find our ABPs,” the Salt Lake City flight attendant commented on the video. ABP stands for “capable natural person” or someone who can help flight attendants in an emergency, according to Kamalani.

Military professionals, pilots, firefighters, police officers and doctors are examples of ABPs who can help in medical emergencies or in circumstances where the pilot needs to land the plane or if there is a safety violation, he said.

He added that flight attendants look for ABP as they walk through the aisles. A TikTok user who claimed to be a doctor wondered how Kamalani could tell his work just by looking at him.

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greetings stewardess TikTok screenshot

“Oh, we know,” Kamalani said in the comments, adding a winking emoji to her response. When asked by another follower, she responded that some passengers tell the staff โ€œhey, I’m a doctor in seat 34A just in case,โ€ which she appreciates.

It’s more than a nice greeting, this is what they look for most

Flight attendants also watch for symptoms of human trafficking, according to Kamalani at the end of the video.

“It happens a lot in the industry,” he admitted. “And since passenger safety is our top priority, we just look for things that don’t seem right.”

“If someone is holding a box that is leaking or producing a certain smell,” Kamalani also told Insider, “it’s a warning that things are not quite right.”

Flight attendants are trained to detect human trafficking and will report any concerns to the flight captain, as Insider previously reported. The captain can then contact ground operations personnel to obtain more information about the passenger, such as whether or not he has a one-way ticket.

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