Wife of Marcus Ornellas, learn more details about the career of the successful Mexican actress Ariadne Díaz

Actress Ariadne Díaz, wife of Marcus Ornellas, is one of the most popular stars on Mexican television. She is known for her talent, her beauty and her charisma.

Ariadne Díaz was born in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in 1988. Since she was little, she showed interest in acting. She studied at the Televisa Artistic Education Center (CEA) and participated in several plays.

Díaz has participated in successful soap operas such as “La malquerida” (2014), “The double life of Estela Carrillo” (2017) and “Si nos deja” (2021). He has also participated in films such as “The Sky in Your Look” (2010) and “Love Changes Skin” (2015).

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Personal life

Díaz is the wife of Marcus Ornellas, with whom she has a son, Diego. The couple is very close and shares a close relationship with their fans.

Díaz is an actress dedicated to her work and that is what characterizes her. She is always willing to give her best in every project.

Ariadne Díaz next to her husband and son.

Ariadne Díaz is a successful actress and a dedicated mother. She is an inspiration to many people and one of the most beloved stars on Mexican television.

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