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A video is going viral showing McGinest hitting a man with a chair. The video has caught people’s attention. Fans want to know more about the incident. You will get complete details about the incident in this article. Continue reading for more information.

McGinest Viral Video Explained:

McGinest is a well-known football linebacker. He has played with the England Patriots. People admire him as an athlete. The incident shown in the video highlights a Hollywood restaurant. It happened in December 2022. The case has been recently archived. The video will surprise everyone. He has been charged with two counts of severely assaulting the person. Below, we have discussed the incident shown in the video in detail. The attack was severe. The victim has many injuries. It was said that McGinest was taking on another man. He might be mad at him, but when this guy walked in, he started hitting him. He was hit by a chair. The man fell to the ground and was unable to stand up. The videos show that he continued to hit him.

Willie McGinest

He was taken to the hospital. McGinest has not made any public statement about the charges. He had serious injuries to his face and head. He was taken to the hospital immediately. McGinest was having an altercation with a man. The personal information of the victim is not disclosed. It is said that he is caught up in the altercation between the man and McGinest. The two charges against him include assault with a deadly weapon and assault with force that can cause serious injury. The hearing has been set for April. The verdict will be announced. After the hearing, if he is found guilty, he may face a sentence or charges.

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Willie McGinest

Video shows the incident at 7900 Block Santa Monica Boulevard. The name of the restaurant is said to be Delilah. He has been arrested. He has apologized. He mentions that she will work hard to win back the people’s trust in him. People want to know more about her personal life. She is a very private personality. She doesn’t like to reveal her personal life. He says before his arrest that he is disappointed in himself and will make sure this never happens again. We will update you as the case progresses.

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