Woman criticizes Airbnb host for charging Rs 42,000 a night to sleep in a tent in someone’s backyard

Over time, we’ve seen some weird Airbnb offerings, from rooms inside bathrooms to converted jail cells. A new incident in Australia has been added to this list. While looking for a cheap place after a friend’s party, Caity came across a strange ad on the Airbnb app.

Instead of a cozy space, it was just a tent in someone’s backyard. This place was in Warriewood, on the northern beaches of Sydney, and it was called “Camping Swag Under The Stars”.

This unique open-air stay was priced at $800 (around Rs 42,000) for a single guest per night.

The cost increased for two people to $1,156 (around Rs 61,000), and a group of three could spend more than $1,500 (around Rs 80,000) on this innovative experience.

The listing included photos of the tent in a neglected courtyard, where guests would spend the night.

Speaking to News.com.au, Caity mentioned: “At first I thought it was a crazy glamping experience for that price. But no, it was loot, and the photos of the property looked unkempt, and the backyard looked like it hadn’t been mowed in months.”

To further disappointment, the woman noticed that the tent was not set up, which meant that the guests had to set it up independently.

To make matters worse, the Airbnb owner was asking for an additional $200 (around Rs 10,000) for cleaning, which left Caity puzzled and raised her questions.

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“Clean what, exactly?” Intrigued by the high price, Caity contacted the owner to understand his reasoning. The host explained that the property offers extensive land, allowing guests to choose where to pitch their tent.

Representational imagerepresentational image

The presenter emphasized,“It is in a prime location overlooking the ocean and valley, or at night you can hear beautiful lights and the ocean. A main feature is the large blue pool and balcony, five minutes from multiple beaches, shops, nature walks and everything you need. Sleeping bags, blankets and anything else you need can be supplied. Access to the house for the kitchen and hot showers is welcome if you choose the tent option.”

He proposed that the price for a fairer experience would have been about $80 (about 4,000 rupees) per night. Caity revealed that the owner has already blocked or unlisted her.

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