Woman married to Victorian Ghost has now divorced him through an exorcism

Marrying a ghost sounds like a strange concept, but in this world where weird things happen all the time, we’re not surprised. A woman married a ghost and then got upset because her ghost’s husband was after her! Are you surprised?

Stories about this woman wanting to divorce her ghost husband have been doing the rounds for a while. It seems that it has finally happened, and how? At least she wasn’t ghosting.

It seems that there are people out there who are trying to push the limits of weirdness. And the winner this time is none other than British singer-songwriter Rocker Brocarde.

This is what is happening now:

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A woman married to a Victorian ghost has now divorced him

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Last year, the 40-year-old artist married a ‘diabolically attractive’ ghost from the Victorian era. She claims that a spirit soldier named Edward broke into her room one stormy night and they both fell in love. They got married on Halloween after just five months of dating. If you thought that was the end, you were wrong.

Ever since they got married, things have gone downhill. Brocarde described how Edwardo became Mr. Possessive after getting drunk on their honeymoon on Barry Island, Wales.

This ghostly boyfriend also developed a strange obsession with Marilyn Monroe, the legendary American actress. Brocarde claims that Edwardo would disappear for days, only to return smelling like Marilyn’s signature scent, Chanel No. 5. He tried to set some boundaries, but it only irritated him. So he decided to go back to the chapel, where they exchanged vows, and performed an exorcism.

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The woman got tired of being married to a free-spirited ghost.

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Brocarde spills the beans, stating that the relationship has been a rollercoaster ride from the start. Edwardo can be scary and domineering one moment and kind and intense the next.

However, the inconsistency wore her down and she grew tired of being married to a free-spirited ghost. “There were no breakup talks.”

“I consulted a physical medium to help me assert my boundaries around Edwardo and try to tame him, but it didn’t work; he became more and more aggressive and obnoxious, and started chasing me with the sound of a screaming baby,” she explained. .

So, after a long and arduous procedure, Brocarde finally exorcised Edwardo from his life. She remembers the feeling of finally being rid of his disturbed spirit from him as light as a feather.

She thinks she hasn’t felt or seen him since the exorcism. Life is happier and lighter now that the environment around you has been transformed. She wrote a song titled ‘Just Another Anthem’ to commemorate the end of her strange romance.

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