Woman steals ambulance, honks horn and waves to passersby before police chase and arrest her: cops

A woman recently stole an ambulance in Southeast Washington, D.C., and led police on a chase before being arrested, according to authorities and video of the incident.

The incident involving the stolen ambulance, which was taken from the 3600 block of 22nd Street SE around 10:35 a.m. last Wednesday, took place while emergency crews were treating a patient at a nearby apartment building, according to The authorities.

First responders responded to the scene after receiving a call of a “person down” inside the residence.

While treating the patient inside the complex, the woman managed to steal the ambulance that was left outside.

EMS personnel remained on scene and finished treating the patient, who was then transported by American Medical Response for additional treatment by another ambulance that arrived, according to a statement issued by the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department. Columbia.

The woman was identified by the Metropolitan Police Department as Francine Lula Hilton, 46, of Southeast Washington, D.C., who, after stealing the ambulance, drove through the area while police followed her.

Following a police chase, the ambulance, which appeared to be undamaged, was recovered near 22nd and Savannah Street, Southeast.

The woman was identified by the Metropolitan Police Department as Francine Lula Hilton, 46, of Southeast Washington, DCAFP via Getty Images

Hilton, who was arrested by police and questioned after the incident, faces numerous charges, including first-degree robbery, unauthorized use of a vehicle and fleeing police.

Maurice Evans, who was working inside one of the apartment units at the time of the incident, told NBC4 Washington that he saw Hilton enter the ambulance and attempt to start the vehicle.

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“I saw the lady standing there, and then she jumped into the ambulance, put on her uniform and [was] trying to start it. I thought, ‘Oh, this is not good,'” Evans recalled.

Video of the incident showed Hilton driving the ambulance down the street while honking his horn and appearing to wave to those standing along the road.

Hilton was chased by five police officers and three motorcycles after she stole the ambulance, according to Kenneth Davis, another person who spoke to NBC4.

There were no patients inside the ambulance when it was stolen and no injuries were reported in the incident, which took place about five miles from Capitol Hill.

According to data from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department, almost all crimes have spiked since this time last year.

As of Nov. 15, overall violent crime in the nation’s capital is up 39%, while overall property crime is up 25%.

Motor vehicle theft, specifically, increased 98% compared to the same period last year, data shows.

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