Woody Harrelson arrested: ‘SNL’ monologue criticized as anti-vaccination

A popular American actor, known for his appearance in some of the blockbuster movies like “Now You See Me”, Woody Harrelson gained the limelight once again on the internet. Well, everyone knows that the actor is known for his acting skills, but also, the actor mainly appears in some of the most successful TV shows. Saturday Night Live always remains everyone’s favorite until Woody ends the show. Maybe last Saturday’s show was amazing as always for everyone, but not for the host of the show. Yes, we are talking about Woody Harrelson, who has been a part of the show for a long time.

Woody Harrelson arrested

According to sources, the actor, who has a long history of spreading conspiracy theories about COVID-19, has received criticism for appearing to denounce safety measures and vaccines against the pandemic during the “Saturday Night Live” monologue this week. weekend. The self-described “redneck hippie” decided to open Saturday’s show with a chatty routine that impacted politics, exalted marijuana and promoted his upcoming movie “Champions.” He also seemed to start comparing the pharmaceutical companies that produce the COVID-19 vaccines to “drug cartels” that force people to “use drugs.”

Woody Harrelson

Jack White was on the most recent “SNL” show and host Woody Harrelson started talking about a “script” for a movie he received in 2019. During his appearance on the show, Woody said, “That’s the movie. The biggest drug cartels in the world unite and buy all the media and all the politicians and force all the people of the world to stay locked up in their homes. And people can only get out if they take the cartel drug and keep taking it over and over again.”

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Woody Harrelson

The host continued to laugh,” I threw away the script. I mean, who would believe that crazy idea? being forced to use drugs? I do it voluntarily.” Well, the Public Health Authorities have encouraged people in society to remain cautious about the Covid-19 pandemic and keep up with updates on vaccinations, including safety precautions such as masks and mandatory vaccination in the whole country. The reports were shared in January by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and revealed more than seven times the odds that the unvaccinated would die from COVID-19 in Los Angeles. The SNL installment aired on NBC this week. The clip from the show was shared on Twitter after which, one person dismissed the monologue as “anti-vaccine hogwash.”

Woody Harrelson

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