WordPress introduced a content generator powered by OpenAI [Free Access Available]

Jetpack has announced that OpenAI will be the official AI assistant for WordPress stuff. There is a free version with limits and a paid version with no limits.

Jetpack has introduced a new WordPress plugin that directly embeds OpenAI content generation into the WordPress editor. This allows publishers to create content as part of the WordPress publishing process.

Automattic Jetpack

Automattic, a leading software development company, is responsible for creating and maintaining a multitude of popular plugins, software, and websites. His notable creations include WooCommerce, WordPress.com, Tumblr, Akismet, and Jetpack.

Automattic, a company established by Matt Mullenweg, the creator and founder of WordPress, is active in various open source initiatives such as WordPress, WordCamp US, and bbPress.

A separate entity from the non-profit organization WordPress.org, Automattic has earned a reputation for producing top-notch plugins due to its extensive development experience and contribution to the WordPress platform.

Powered by OpenAI

Since January 2023, WordPress has been testing a version of an OpenAI writing assistant. Although not mentioned in the official announcement, this plugin is powered by OpenAI. SearchEngineJournal obtained evidence from Automattic that this is the case.

Jetpack AI Assistant

Jetpack released a new plugin called Jetpack AI Assistant to help authors with their writing. The plugin adds an AI assistant with a chat-like interface to the WordPress editing block. This is called a conversational user interface.

That means you just type what you want in a way that sounds like a chat, like when you send someone a text.

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If you know how to use ChatGPT, you’ll know how to use the Jetpack AI content creator. The way you tell an AI what you want is called writing a “message.”

If the text that comes out needs to be changed, tell him to rewrite it with what he thinks is missing.

customizable typing tones

The AI ​​content creator lets you choose between different ways of writing, which it calls “Adaptive Tones.” This changes the writing style.

These are the typing tone options:

  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Optimistic
  • Humorous
  • Serious
  • Skeptical
  • empathic
  • Sure
  • Passionate
  • Provocative

Generation of title and abstract

It’s a bit annoying to think about names and summaries. The AI ​​tool for Jetpack takes care of these writing tasks.

Content Translation

To translate content, you must choose the “translate” option and then choose the language. The editor instantly translates the content into the new language.

Spelling and grammar check

Spelling and grammatical errors can be corrected automatically, which is another great benefit.

How much does WordPress AI Content Builder cost?

WordPress CMS users can make up to 20 requests for free. After that, it’s $10 per month. WordPress.com is free for the people who use it.

Prices are not set in stone. In the notice it says:

“Try the Jetpack AI Assistant block! It’s ready for you to pay and we’ll pay for your first 20 requests. After that, you only pay $10 per month.

Also, WordPress.com users will be happy to know that Jetpack AI Assistant is free for a short time on all WordPress.com sites. Since Jetpack AI is still being tested, the price may change in the future.”

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If all you need is a way to create content for WordPress, it makes sense to use the Jetpack AI plugin, especially since content creation happens as WordPress changes. You cannot copy and paste from one app to the next.

The WordPress content generator tool costs $10 per month, which is half of what ChatGPT costs. There are no limits to the number of requests that can be made at this time.

In the free version of the Jetpack app, you can make up to 20 free requests and use all of its features. Then if people want to make more requests, they have to upgrade.

If you upgrade to the paid version, you can make high-volume requests and get help right away.

At the moment, the paid version does not have a limit on the number of requests that can be made.

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