World No Tobacco Day 2023: History, Importance, Theme and Tips to Quit Smoking

World No Tobacco Day either Anti-Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31 all over the world, every year.. The annual campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness to help reduce use and protect people’s health.

He World Health Organization (WHO) promotes World No Tobacco Day each year to highlight the health risks of tobacco use and encourage governments to implement policies that help reduce smoking and the use of other tobacco products.

World No Tobacco Day 2023: History, Importance, Theme

This day is observed by the WHO-World Health Organization to raise awareness and educate people about the harmful effects of tobacco on health. Tobacco severely affects and causes diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cavities, staining of the teeth and more.

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World No Tobacco Day 2023: Date

Every year, World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31.

World No Tobacco Day 2023: Theme

Every year Mundo Sin Tabaco is observed with a different theme; this year, the The theme for World No Tobacco Day 2023 is “We need food, not tobacco,” according to the World Health Organization. The 2023 global campaign aims to raise awareness among the population about the environmental impact of the entire tobacco cycle, from its cultivation, production and distribution to the toxic waste it generates.

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Anti-Tobacco Day 2023: History and meaning

World No Tobacco Day was established by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987 to raise awareness of the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocate for effective tobacco control policies. The day is observed annually on May 31.

The history of World No Tobacco Day dates back to the efforts of the WHO to address the global tobacco epidemic. The WHO recognized the need to highlight the harmful effects of tobacco on people’s health, as well as the economic and environmental consequences of tobacco production and consumption.

World No Tobacco Day 2023: History, Importance, ThemeWorld No Tobacco Day 2023: History, Importance, Theme

He The first World No Tobacco Day was celebrated in 1987, with the theme “A world without tobacco: a challenge for the 21st century”. The day was aimed at encouraging countries to implement comprehensive tobacco control policies, raising awareness of the dangers of tobacco, and promoting public health initiatives to reduce tobacco use.

Since then, World No Tobacco Day It has been observed annually with a different theme each year, focusing on various aspects of tobacco control and prevention. Topics have covered a wide range of topics, including tobacco advertising, smoke-free environments, youth and tobacco, the health risks of tobacco use, and the influence of the tobacco industry.

How to quit smoking: step by step –

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. It requires every last ounce of willpower and determination at your disposal and then some. But do what you must to quit before it’s too late; especially for your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory health. Quitting smoking and exercising is a healthy combination that will help you stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

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Exit schedule:

As with most activities, making a plan and then following it is the best technique for success. Cigarette smoking creates a chemical dependency where the body develops a need for a certain level of nicotine at all times, so it is very important to have a plan of action in place to quit smoking. All aspects of your addiction must be considered before putting together a complete and foolproof plan to quit smoking.

– Number of cigarettes smoked per day.

– Favorite places while smoking.

– Activities associated with cigarette consumption (tea breaks, talking on the phone, driving, etc.).

– Number of smokers in your social circle/friends/family.

World No Tobacco Day 2023: History, Importance, ThemeWorld No Tobacco Day 2023: History, Importance, Theme

Set a quit date:

Once you’ve identified your addiction pattern and triggers, it’s time to set a quit date. You may want to choose a day to quit smoking that has additional special meaning, as it can make the act of quitting even more successful. This can also serve as motivation.

Involve friends and family:

Your social circles need to know that you are changing your habits, so talk about your decision to quit smoking and ask for their support. This social group, such as friends, family, co-workers, etc., can be extremely helpful and inspiring in successfully kicking the habit and keeping you motivated over the 12-week span.

Take advantage of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT):

The body begins to experience withdrawal symptoms when it can’t get its daily dose of nicotine. People trying to quit tobacco use experience various physical withdrawal symptoms, including sweating, headache, nausea, constipation, and other intestinal upsets. Also the psychological symptoms of withdrawal can be explained as irritability, anxiety, depression, frustration, insomnia or mental vagueness.

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NRT products deliver a small dose of clean, therapeutic nicotine to the body that is enough to help control cravings and other withdrawal symptoms that smokers experience when they quit. This is a technique recognized by the WHO that provides a very effective support system to help quit tobacco.

Research shows that it takes up to 12 weeks for nicotine receptors in the brain to shut down when you quit smoking, as tobacco dependence is caused by the highly addictive drug nicotine and its ability to produce pleasurable chemicals (dopamine, endorphins etc). ). A full course of NRT products taken for up to 12 weeks can help a smoker break free of their addiction to lead a healthier life. NRT products should be used as intended, as it is a therapy that produces results when used correctly.

World No Tobacco Day 2023: History, Importance, ThemeWorld No Tobacco Day 2023: History, Importance, Theme

Quit smoking to be in total shape

Once a person undergoes these 12 weeks of therapy and quits smoking, they will be on their way to adopting a healthier life which, in turn, will have a positive effect on their entire physical system.

Quitting tobacco helps improve respiratory functions. A better respiratory system equates to greater endurance and therefore a better workout.

Tobacco users tend to take a long time to recover from injuries and are more prone to illness. Quitting tobacco can improve recovery time from injuries and also strengthen your immune system.

Soon after quitting smoking, it is strongly recommended that you begin to exercise. This will help channel your energy in a positive direction and thus control impulses.

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