What happened to Daryl May? Stouffville, Ontario real estate agent has died

Everyone is surfing the internet to know about Daryl May. When the public found out about him, they all started surfing the internet to find out about his death. Not only that the public is also watching his death and the reason behind his death through the Internet. In this article, we are going to give the details about it. Not only that, we are also going to give the information about his death in this article to our readers. Keep reading the article to know more.

Daryl May, a genuinely extraordinary man, passed away on May 26, 2023. He had a significant impact on everyone around him, including his wife, who grew up in Bristle Ponds with Daryl and his family. They had been great friends since they met in Sleepy Hollow when they were 11 years old. They will miss Daryl’s sporadic phone calls to check on him and talks with him about his children studying in the United States. When they saw his brother score his first goal for the Leafs at Maple Leaf Gardens, the author and Daryl had a unique moment.


In memory of the absolutely amazing Stouffville Daryl May, whose presence made everyone around him smile. His infectious smile and his infectious laugh captivated the entire room. Daryl always made people smile with his perfect sense of humor, quick wit, and ability to make them laugh. All who came in contact with him could see his joy in living from him, especially his loving wife Tammy May, and his precious life at Campbellford Lake. When his sons played hockey for Tyke, they were opposing coaches, but then had the opportunity to collaborate as coaches when Connor was playing for Aurora.

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The author recalls the friendship that developed between Daryl and Peter Dajia while they were teaming up on the bench. A trip to the Winter Classic in Detroit, where Daryl, Connor May and Brady Sarazin created lasting hockey memories, was one of the most cherished moments. Daryl will always be remembered for his love of the game and his ability to bring people together. Stouffville May Rest in peace, Daryl May. His smile, his laugh and his love of life will live on forever. We regret to inform you that the cause of death for Daryl May has yet to be determined. For anyone who knew and cared about him, his passing is devastating and heartbreaking. The effect of his death is deeply felt by his family, friends and community despite the lack of detailed information about it.

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