Young Blood Starts Riot In New York After Youtuber Announces PlayStation 5 Giveaway

Social media is beyond human rationality. A popular Youtuber, Kai Cenat, proved this sentiment right when he drove out thousands of people in Manhattan Park, New York, with his promise to give away free game consoles.  

The unexpectedly large crowd gathered in NYC on Friday and quickly degenerated into violence, leaving many injured. The rowdy crowd prompted a massive police turnout as well. 

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New York Riot Starts After Influencer Announces PlayStation 5 Giveaway

New York Riot During Influencer PlayStation 5 GiveawayTwitter

The chain of unfortunate events was set in motion due to a social media post on Instagram by 21-year-old Kai Cenat, a Youtuber and Twitch streamer. He invited his followers to join him in lower Manhattan for an interactive gathering that would be live-streamed, during which he planned to distribute various presents, including PlayStation 5 game consoles.

Lots of young people—around 2,000 as per US media reports—gathered fast at Union Square and nearby streets. They wanted to catch a glimpse of Cenat, who has many fans on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites.

Riots have erupted in New York City.Notice a pattern yet? 😡😡

— Ashlea Simon (@AshleaSimonBF) August 4, 2023

When the streets got crowded, some young ones began tossing things from a construction site close by. They aimed these objects at both the people in the crowd and the quickly arriving police officers.

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It Took A Thousand Police Officers To Break Up The Riot

New York riots continue in Union Square

— Sprinter (@Sprinter99800) August 4, 2023

On TV and in the news pictures, you could see a group of angry people gathering around and stopping vehicles. Some young guys were kicking and breaking a few of the cars. At a press briefing, New York City Police Chief Jeffrey Maddrey said, “People were bleeding from their heads, from their faces … people were suffering out here.”

Finally, around a thousand police officers had to step in to break up the sudden crowd. A few people got arrested, according to Maddrey. Cenat was brought in for questioning, but he hadn’t been officially kept in custody.

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