Young woman did not want to live with her family and her boyfriend ‘sponsored’ her house from the United States

A young woman shared on TikTok the most ‘WTF’ moments, that is, the most “What the hell?” moments, that she has experienced with her boyfriend, without imagining that she would be judged.

@bikaury.05 wanted to join the popular tred (TikTok trend) this weekend to show that her boyfriend fulfilled her dream of living alone.

The young woman from the Dominican Republic boasted that her partner, who lives in the United States, sent her the money to pay for the rent of the house, the purchase of a bed and even food.

Photo that the young woman showed off on TikTok.

Bikaury did not imagine that by bragging that her boyfriend fulfilled her dream of no longer living with her family and moving alone, criticism would rain down on her, to the point of forcing her to delete her publications.

Receipts that showed what her boyfriend sent her from the United States.

He defends himself against criticism.

The woman responded to a user who questioned her for spending more than 150 thousand Dominican pesos (65,206 lempiras) in such a short time.

“We have spent more with my husband (…) If you have not had the opportunity to spend that money on your wife, it is not my fault, let us be happy,” she said, annoyed.

Likewise, he revealed that they have wedding plans and plan to move to the United States to obtain “the papers,” all while continuing to study.

“I hope it’s love and not interest”; “The important thing is that you get ahead together” and “you take advantage of the fact that not everyone spends on their wife,” are some comments she received.

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