A mind-blowing tattoo creates the illusion of a gaping hole on a bald man’s head

Tattoos often allow people to express their unique identity, beliefs, and values ​​through art permanently etched onto their bodies. They can symbolize important memories, experiences or significant aspects of a person’s life.

But we’re a bit stuck after seeing this man’s tattoo, which appears to have a hole in his head. Have a look.

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A man’s tattoo looks like he has a hole in his head

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A man’s “optical illusion” tattoo makes it look like he has a large hole in his bald head.

A very talented tattoo artist based in the United States really took his inking skills to the next level after creating an amazing optical illusion piece that appears to have a large hole in his client’s head.

Matt Pehrson, who works at Zion Tattoo Company in St. George, Utah, caused an internet frenzy after showing off his fantastic, if very bizarre, work to his 63,000 Instagram followers.

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Matt went viral a few years ago after reaching new heights by tattooing a spectacular optical illusion on his friend Ryan. On Ryan’s bald head, he tattooed a sequence of wide lines that twisted inward to the back of his skull.

Then, using some clever shading techniques, Matt created the striking look of Ryan having a large cavernous hole in the back of his head. In April 2020, he posted photos of his work to Instagram with the caption: “I did a crazy thing for my friend Ryan today…We have a lot to finish on his dome. What do you guys think of a piece like this?” ? Tag a few friends who will tell us what they think too..”

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Since then, the post has received more than 12,000 likes, with many people wanting to offer their thoughts on the bizarre body art.

The tattoo looks different from other angles.

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Matt finally posted an up close and personal video showing the optical illusion design in all its amazing brilliance a few years later, in July 2022. The video also captures the exact moment the mind-bending illusion breaks.

“There were a lot of requests for me to post a video of this tattoo when I did it last year. I didn’t because people are stupid. They wanted to see it at an angle that didn’t have the illusion, so they could be critical. Of course, the tattoo only looks “perfect” in a limited viewing angle.It still looks like a cool tattoo from other angles,it just doesn’t make your tummy hurt 🤣 I had so many comments that this tattoo made people sick.I laughed at each one. Have a nice day,” he captioned the video.

“Forced perspective is hard enough on canvas, let alone on a human head! MAN. You should get an award for this!” one lady commented.

“Matt seriously this came out amazing! Shit your work is already stellar but this piece is unreal,” added another.

One man commented: “Man, I was lining up behind this cat at an ice cream parlor in Beaver, Utah a couple of weeks ago. Seeing this in person was a treat, it’s pretty awesome!”

However, it is clear that even without the images, people were impressed.

What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments.

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