A resounding success for TVC-EU’s Chonguengue in the celebration of the 445 years of the capital

On the night of Saturday, September 30, Suyapa Boulevard in Tegucigalpa was illuminated where the residents of the capital turned out to celebrate and commemorate the anniversary of this city.

The great Chonguengue of Televicentro and Emisoras Unidas (TVC-EU), which visits different cities in the country for their respective parties, could not be missed in the capital with more than 100 thousand lempiras in prizes.

Kilómetro 7, La Versátil and La Gigante de Sula made those present dance at 8:00 p.m., just when the talents of Televicentro started Chonguengue.

The Giant of Sula on stage.

It is worth mentioning that from 9:30 in the morning, La Plaza del 5 was filled with miles of people who visited each entertainment point where they played, danced, ate and enjoyed parades of horses, antique cars, palillonas, musical bands and floats. . .

Parade of old cars, one of the most anticipated.

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Likewise, different entrepreneurs were in La Plaza del 5 with their products, being a platform to publicize what they make and distribute daily, this being the sustenance of their homes.

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Prior to the great concert of the night, given by Kinito Méndez on the large Chonguengue stage of Televicentro and Emisoras Unidas, the Hondurans danced and shared; They celebrated another birthday of this city in style, without a doubt they felt more proud to be citizens of the capital.

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Moment of calling the winner of the motorcycle.

Likewise, a motorcycle raffle was held, one of the most anticipated prizes of the night where Karla Moncada was the happy winner and expressed her excitement through the call made to notify her prize.

Loren Mercada, César Enamorado, Jean Paul Irías, Elmer Valladares and Gabriela Galeas, as Televicentro talents, asked some general culture questions about Tegucigalpa to those present and they showed their knowledge and thus won some cash prizes.

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The residents of the capital enjoyed the music and the awards that were presented in La Plaza del 5.

People enjoyed every moment in La Plaza del 5.

Kinito Mendez

The most anticipated of the night was the Dominican singer José del Carmen Ramírez Méndez, better known as Kinito Méndez, who for many days said he was preparing a great show, full of good music with his musical hits.

Kinito Méndez on the Chonguengue stage.

Some of Kinito Méndez’s most anticipated hits were:

1. The Sua Sua Dance, which is always played at parties and gatherings between friends and family.

2. With the same flavor, another of his great songs that are sung at the top of his lungs.

Kinito connected with his audience.

3. Don’t tell me no, this corresponds to his first album ‘El hombre merengue’, ideal for those who suffer from heartbreak.

4. El Tamarindo, a must-have song in his performances, as it marked a moment of transition in his artistic career.

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5. Cachamba, one of the biggest hits, released in 1995.

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Kinito Méndez, dressed in black and white, along with his musicians, took the stage at La Plaza del 5 at the close of a day full of color, flavor, fun and a lot of emotion.

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The residents of the capital enjoyed it to the fullest, took a partner and danced to the rhythm of Kinito, where their best hits were played.

The singer brought some of those present on stage so that they danced with him and enjoyed an unforgettable experience.

final prize

In the final stretch of Chonguengue, another of the most anticipated prizes of the night was awarded and it was 20 thousand lempiras.

The dynamic to choose the winner was that two people who would have their birthdays on September 30 came on stage and underwent a dance challenge that was very close.

The happy winner with the TVC presenters.

After this, the winner of the final challenge of TVC-EU’s Chonguengue was Erickson, this by public choice.

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