Alegrijes and Rebujos characters, a cast that marked the childhood of millions of people

Alegrijes y Rebujos were a Mexican children’s soap opera produced by Rosy Ocampo for Televisa in 2003.

The telenovela, starring María Chacón and Allison Lozz, was a resounding success in Mexico and Latin America.

The soap opera had a cast of endearing characters that marked the childhood of millions of Mexicans. Below is a list of the main characters:

  • Sofía Domínguez “Chofis” (María Chacón): a motherless girl who lives with her father, Dr. Antonio Domínguez, with her stepmother Mercedes and her younger brother Esteban.
  • Allison Lozz “Fabiola”: a rich and capricious girl who is the leader of the “Rebujos”.
  • Diego Boneta “Axel”: a rich and arrogant boy who is Fabiola’s boyfriend.
  • Miguel Martínez “Adrián”: a poor and humble boy who is Sofía’s boyfriend.
  • Jesús Zavala “Esteban”: Sofía’s younger brother, a naughty and spoiled child.

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The secondary characters of Alegrijes and Rebujos

In addition to the main characters, Alegrijes y Rebujos had a cast of secondary characters who were also very loved by the public. Below is a list of the most notable secondary characters:

  • Luis Roberto Guzmán “Bruno Reyes”: a young doctor who falls in love with Sofía.
  • Jacqueline Bracamontes “Angélica Rivas Márquez”: a young journalist who falls in love with Bruno.
  • Rosa María Bianchi “Helga Aguayo Vargas””Helga Granados”: the evil witch who wants to separate Sofía and Adrián.
  • Héctor Ortega “Don Darvelio Granados Linares”: Helga’s father.

Alegrijes and Rebujos.

The success of Alegrijes and Rebujos

Alegrijes and Rebujos were a resounding success in Mexico and Latin America. The telenovela was a social phenomenon that marked the childhood of millions of Mexicans.

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The soap opera was a success with the audience, sales of products related to the soap opera were very successful and the soap opera won several awards, including the TVyNovelas award for best children’s soap opera.

Alegrijes y Rebujos is a telenovela that continues to be very popular among the Mexican public.

The soap opera is recorded for its endearing characters, its funny stories and its positive values. Alegrijes y Rebujos is a soap opera that has left a legacy that will last for generations.

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