All possible methods to recover a hacked Twitter account

Twitter is one of the major social networking platforms; It is the online platform that people use to express their views or opinions on a topic. You get all the information about the latest trends and news only from Twitter. Most of the celebrities and famous personalities connect with people through their Twitter account. Due to all this, Twitter accounts have become more vulnerable to hacking and that is why it has become more important to protect your Twitter account.

Unfortunately, if you have had your Twitter account hacked, this blog will talk about all the possible ways to get your Twitter account back.

Before that, let me tell you that when someone tries to hack into your account, they know your password or try to reset it if they have access to your email address or phone number. So you have to watch out for that. So, whenever you get an email that says if you’ve requested a password reset for your account, click this button, you should first see if the email is from the official Twitter email address or if someone is trying to scam you.

Then, if you haven’t requested a password reset, first delete the email you received and quickly secure your email address by changing your password so the hacker will lose access to your email address and Twitter account.

In case the hacker has changed your Twitter password, here are the options you have:

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1. Recover your Twitter account using email address or phone number

  • Gonna and click ‘Login’
  • Then click on ‘I forgot my password’
  • Enter your Twitter username, email or phone number; click ‘Search’
  • Select one of the following options and then click ‘Next’:
  • Get the code on your phone number
  • Get the code in your email address
  • Enter the code you received, and then you can reset the password to protect your Twitter account.

2. Recover your Twitter account without using your phone number or email address

It could also happen that the hacker changed your recovery email address and phone number and now you can’t reset your password, here’s what to do in that case:

  • Gonna and click ‘Login’
  • Then click on ‘I forgot my password’
  • Enter your Twitter username, email or phone number; click ‘Search’
  • You will get two options:
  1. Get the code on your phone number
  2. Get the code in your email address

Click ‘Don’t have access to these?’

  • You will get a Twitter form to fill out:
  1. Select the problem you are facing
  2. In the following blank, please describe your problem, ie I think my account is hacked or compromised.
  3. Scroll down and you will see another form that you need to fill out with the required information:
  • Enter your Twitter username
  • Enter your email address that is not hacked and you can access it
  • Then explain the problem you are facing, DO NOT enter any personal information there such as your password, address or phone number.
  • Click ‘Submit’ and wait for Twitter’s response.
  • When you receive an email from Twitter, follow the instructions provided in it and this will help you to recover your hacked Twitter account.
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