Andrés Roemer children, who are they, how old are they and what do they do?

Andrés Roemer is a writer and former Mexican diplomat, who was detained in Israel. Below we meet his children:

Andrés Isaac Roemer Slomianski or better known as Andrés Roemer was arrested this Monday, October 2, in Israel and is expected to begin legal procedures to reach Mexico, where he faces accusations of sexual abuse against him.

The arrest of the writer was confirmed by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, in his press conference: “This person was arrested in Israel and will be extradited, today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will report on this“, he expressed.

So far there have been at least 11 complaints against Andrés Roemer for the aforementioned charges, however, he has denied them, arguing that they are part of a campaign against him.

Andrés Roemer and his wife. Photo: @lachicaalmodovar

In May 2021, at the request of the Mexico City authorities, Interpol issued a red international search card in 194 countries for the aforementioned crime.

However, in the country where he is located, Israel, there is no extradition treaty with Mexico, but there is a legal cooperation agreement, so the former diplomat could return to Aztec soil.

This news has sparked the interest of hundreds of people, who today wonder about Andrés Roemer, but especially about his children. Below we know them:

Andrés Roemer was arrested in Israel. Photo: Courtesy

Andrés Roemer sons

Andrés Roemer is married to the presenter Pamela Cortés, whom he married in 2018 in San Miguel de Allende, and although he is the father of three children, he has no children with her.

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Who are Andrés Roemer’s children?

Andrés has preferred to keep his family life completely secret, however, it is known that his children are named Valeria, Alejandro and David, who are twins.

Alejandro Roemer is one of Andrés’ sons. Photo: Harris School of Public Policy

Little is known about his descendants, but the best known is Alejandro, who is known to have studied a master’s degree in Public Policy (MPP) and is a member of the Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts.

On the other hand, Valeria is known to be the writer’s youngest daughter and she has been seen celebrating her father’s birthday.

Valeria is the youngest of Andrés’ children. Photo: Twitter

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