Angry husband smashes beauty pageant winner’s crown to pieces after wife gets second place

Not everyone can smile and pass on the crown. Recently, during the 2023 Gay Miss Brasil pageant, things turned sour on stage when the contestant coveted by a man did not take home the winning crown.

Husband Breaks Beauty Pageant Crown After Wife Becomes Finalist


During an “LGBTQIAP+ beauty pageant” in Brazil, the finalist’s husband stormed the stage as the winner was announced, and before she could be crowned Miss Brazil, the man unleashed his anger on stage.

In the viral clip, two drag queens are seen standing facing each other as the crown looms over them. When the winner is announced, as is customary, the two contestants gently hug each other in support before the winner is crowned. However, finalist Nathally Becker’s husband had other ideas in mind.

The audience at the Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 pageant screamed in shock as Becker’s partner stormed the stage and grabbed the sparkling crown to smash it to pieces. The angry man chipped the crown made of jewels after he violently disrupted the coronation ceremony of winner Emanuelly Belini.

After breaking the tiara, the husband grabbed Becker and tried to pull her off the stage. She yelled inaudible profanities as she spent a few more seconds onstage, at which point a stage manager approached him to put him down. However. The man resisted and was chased and taken backstage.

Revolt at the end of the Miss Brasil Gay 2023 contest. Torcedor starts the winner’s crown and plays the boy during the award ceremony.

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— Bruno Guzzo® (@brunoguzzo) May 28, 2023

A similar scene unfolded during the first Miss Sri Lanka pageant in New York.

Husband Breaks Beauty Pageant Crown After Wife Ranks SecondTwitter

The scene resembled the violence that occurred in October 2022 at New York’s first Miss Sri Lanka pageant. Back then, a violent fight broke out at an after-party when videos of physical combat ended up online.

Defending the pageant, Malone Haenisch, who organized the Miss Gay Mato Grosso contest, said in a statement that the judges had been fair in distributing the prizes and fairly nominated Belini as the winner. Malone also shamed Becker’s husband for his illegal behavior at the event.

Haenisch said, according to The New York Post: “He didn’t think the result was fair and he caused all this inconvenience and damage.” The event organizer continued: “We vehemently condemn the incident that occurred at the time of the coronation of Miss Elect when the couple of Miss Cuiabá, who was ranked second, invaded the stage and aggressively destroyed the crown.”

Malone added: “We confirm the selection of the pageant jury and stand in solidarity with the chosen lady, as well as with [Becker]since she is not responsible for the crazy attitudes of third parties.”

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