Apple announces iPhone 15 with major camera and performance improvements

Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ event was a usual superlative event, with adjectives like “magical” and “amazing” thrown around like parmesan on spaghetti to describe all the new products introduced.

However, the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus deserve these descriptions because this year’s iPhone is a significant improvement over the iPhone 14.

It’s significantly better for photos, has more endurance, and works slightly differently than your previous iPhone. With this in mind, here’s what you need to know.

1. The cameras are amazing

The iPhone 15 inherits the camera equipment of the iPhone 14 Pro, increasing the megapixel count from 12 MP to an impressive 48 MP. We’ve been using the Pro for a year and the camera setup is fantastic, but we rarely use the full 48MP unless we’re photographing something that will be printed at a large size. Instead, we let the camera operate in its usual four-pixel mode.

Quad-pixel mode employs a method known as Pixel Binning to produce significantly sharper, more vibrant, and less noisy photos, especially in low-light circumstances. Basically, it turns blocks of four pixels into individual superpixels that capture much more light. As a result, shots that only use 12MP storage produce much better and sharper images. The difference between an iPhone 14 photo and an iPhone 15 photo will be noticeable.

The new camera and improved processor bring one of the most significant improvements to iPhone photography: a greatly improved Portrait mode that works especially well in low-light conditions. You also have continuous video zoom for theatrical framing and Smart HDR 4 to make your selfies look even better.

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The biggest improvement of the iPhone 15 is in photography. If you’ve been using an old iPhone for a few years, we think you’ll be impressed with the new iPhone.

2. Powered by A16 Bionic CPU

This chip was seen in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but it’s still worth noting. It’s a six-core CPU with two high-performance cores and four low-power cores, and it has 50% more memory bandwidth than the A15, which should mean smoother performance in games and intensive applications. as well as an improved image signal. processor to take advantage of the new and more powerful camera sensor.

It also has a faster neural engine, which is vital for machine learning activities such as photo processing, live voice message transcription, and speech recognition. High-performance cores are 20% more efficient than before.

3. It has a USB-C port

The long-rumored switch to USB-C is finally here, and in the long run it will make your life a little easier and less expensive. Compared to Apple’s Lightning cables and chargers, USB-C devices and cables are significantly less expensive. There is also a larger selection of chargers, stands, car chargers and other accessories. You can also charge your AirPods using your iPhone.

Apple didn’t go into details, but the iPhone 15 supports the new, faster Qi2 wireless charging standard. Because it’s an open standard, not one from Apple, you should expect to see a slew of new wireless chargers in the coming months.

The iPhone 15 has MagSafe wireless charging, as it did previously. MagSafe is Apple’s version of the technology, and to charge your iPhone 15 at its fastest wireless charging speed, you’ll need a MagSafe-compatible charger or stand.

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4. You will enjoy Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island proved to be a controversial feature with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but we’re all for it. Dynamic Island replaces the previous iPhone’s notch with a large pill-shaped piece and a smaller oval next to it, which houses the selfie camera and Face ID sensors.

The program, on the other hand, sees the Dynamic Island as its own separate screen, making it appear to grow and shrink as needed. Sometimes it is a rectangle indicating that Face ID has been accepted; other times, it’s a big pill that indicates who’s calling you on FaceTime; and other times, it simply tells you what’s running in the background, like Maps or Apple Music.

Dynamic Island is important because it is now included in all iPhone 15 models. That will only encourage app developers to use it more, which means more creative and fun ways to interact with your iPhone.

5. It has a larger battery

The battery capacity of the iPhone 15 is 3877 mAh (4912 mAh on the Plus), compared to 3279 (4325 on the Plus).

But Apple hasn’t promised us longer battery life because the screen here is substantially brighter: up to 1,600 nits in HDR and up to 2,000 nits in bright sunlight.

It’s extremely bright, but it also consumes more power, so Apple seems to have chosen brightness over battery life.

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